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Yes indeed, character truly counts


From page A2 | May 10, 2012 |

CHARACTER OR CHARACTERS? … ironically, just a day or two before that ugly mailer slamming Sue Greenwald hit mailboxes all across town, the Red-Headed Girl of My Dreams and I had just finished reading Tom Sakash’s profile of Dan Wolk on the front page of this very newspaper … as my sweetheart put down the paper, she looked me in the eye and said that a guy like Dan Wolk gave her hope that politics doesn’t always have to be down and dirty and horribly partisan … she said it was heartening to know there are people like Dan running for office for the right reasons and who can be counted on to do the right thing once elected, without regard for the political ramifications of their every decision … I agree …

As my good friend and former professor Jerry Adler used to say: “Issues come and go, but you’re stuck with the people you elect.” … truer words were never spoken … three years from now we won’t even remember the issues our five council candidates were debating in the spring of 2012, but the three people we elect on June 5 will still be with us … no matter the office, character counts, which is why I’ve often overlooked our sometimes significant differences on the issues and quietly hoped for the election of folks like Helen Thomson, Sandy Motley, Ernie Hartz, Lois Wolk, Dave Rosenberg, Jim Provenza, Tansey Thomas, Melinda Guzman Moore, John Munn, Tony Bernhard, Freddie Oakley, Cass Sylvia and a long list of others …

Young Dan Wolk has a lot of live up to, but fortunately for the citizens of this town, integrity is in his genes …

MONEY TO BURN … after sending out an ugly mailer designed to sink the candidacy of Sue Greenwald, it’s an open question how much cash those three out-of-town unions are willing to throw at a Davis city election, but their efforts are doomed to failure … they say money is the mother’s milk of politics and it appears these unions own a whole dairy … but it’s all to no avail … they could drop a million bucks trying to influence this election and their words would fall on deaf ears … in fact, the more they spend, the more negatively the citizens of this town will respond …

I wonder if the high-paid political “consultant” who put together this piece of political pornography will give the unions a full refund now that the mailer has crashed and burned like a North Korean missile …

THE “GATE” GAME … ever since Watergate four decades ago, every scandal worth its salt has ended in “gate” … unfortunately, we’re still looking for a tag line for the fallout associated with the outrageous campaign mailer sent out by the Plumbers and Pipefitters Local 447, the Operating Engineers Local Union 3 and the IBEW Local 340 … interestingly, the original Watergate story had “plumbers,” most of whom ended up in jail …

In the past couple of days I’ve played with “Uniongate,” “Mailergate” “Slimegate,” “Pipefittergate,” “IBEWgate” and a bunch of others, but have yet to find anything that rolls comfortably off the tongue … in fact, given that the intense interest in Davis politics shown by these three unions has to do with the jobs the proposed surface water project might create, the best I can come up with is, well, “Watergate.” … and that one’s already taken … any guidance you can provide would be much appreciated …

RUTHLESS PHOTO … there has been much talk in town about just how underhanded it was for the ugly mailer in question to show former Mayor Ruth Asmundson stretched out on a gurney, about to be loaded into an ambulance after her City Council catfight with Sue Greenwald more than two years ago … well, that photo is not of Ruth at all … it’s a stock photo available for sale online to any underhanded political operative who needs a grainy shot of someone being loaded into an ambulance … the photo is indeed ruthless … it’s also Ruthless …

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