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Are we there yet? Dear diary — Confessions from a king-size bed


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Did you know that July 26 was national “Take Care of Your Own Self Day?” Well, it might not be a national day yet, but it should be.

The day actually is rooted in the purchase of a new bed. After 23-plus years of marriage, I finally convinced my husband to agree to a king-size bed.

When we got married, we had a double bed. I’m sure we thought it was charming and snuggly to sleep in that one-person bed, but now I see it as barbaric.

For the next 20 years we had a queen-size bed — adequate and average-American. But after many hotel stays, I knew how much better a bed could be. On a recent trip to Oregon where I really loved the bed, my wishing and pining for the roominess of a king finally paid off. As my birthday loomed, my husband acquiesced.

Incidentally, it’s not that I needed more space from him, it’s that he needed more space from me. I feel guilty about how much of the bed I take up with my sprawling.

So we got our new bed on a Thursday, and on Friday, family from Florida — including our 3-year-old, early-rising nephew — arrived for a two-week stay. On the Monday after “new-bed Thursday” I started at The Enterprise as the reporter covering UC Davis.

(Side note: The new job, the one I’ve wanted for a long time but was filled by excellent reporters Sharon Stello and then Cory Golden for the 12 years I’ve been at the newspaper, finally became available when Cory moved on to a job with the League of California Cities. So I jumped at it.)

But family visiting and a new job that required a lot of time spent at the office getting up to speed meant I hadn’t gotten to luxuriate in the new bed.

So on Thursday, when I got home from driving our visiting family to SFO, I told my husband as I got into bed, “I really haven’t had enough time to properly pay tribute to the new bed. I wish I could just stay in it for a whole day.”

For unknown reasons, my husband dared me to stay in bed for a day — “I bet you come downstairs by 11 a.m.,” he foolishly teased — and here we are. Honestly, I bet I could do a whole week in bed because I’m just gifted that way.

I warned our kids on Friday that I would be in bed all day Saturday, hereby decreed “Take Care of Your Own Self Day” and here we are.

My goal was to stay in bed until 5 p.m. What follows is my daily diary.
10 a.m.: I hear the bedroom door make a tiny squeak, then close again. I ignore it because I want to stay asleep, but when I see the clock says 10, I text my husband and tell him to come back. He brought me a sticky bun from the Farmers Market, coffee and ice water. Love him!

10:40: I flip on the TV that my husband had moved from the guest room to our room for the day. I watch “Love it or List it, Too.” Normally I fast-forward through all the parts I don’t want to see, but I have plenty of time today.

11:30: Hurray! The couple decided to “list it” and move to the much better house in the nicer neighborhood! Oftentimes the couple makes the wrong decision, so I’m happy for them.

11:40: Husband calls to tell me about new barbecues he found at Woodland’s Tractor Supply, Co. Do we need a new barbecue? Of course not.

Noon: I need to start online traffic school. Fresh curses to that Placer County sheriff’s deputy who caught me in a speed trap in January coming down Interstate 80 from Sugar Bowl Ski Resort.

12:15: Hmmm, why don’t I order the fabric for my sons’ quilts before I start traffic school? My sister-in-law has graciously offered to make each boy a quilt, and we found some fun novelty fabrics at a specialty place online. Vintage skiers for the older son; Hawaiian/beach scenes for the younger son.

12:30: Older son yells up, “Nick is coming over, OK?” I yell back, “Yes, but you guys need to take care of your own selves! I’m not making you any lunch or snacks!”

1 p.m.: Mmmm, lunch break! My honey comes up with cheese, crackers and pepperoni! TV in the bedroom is still a novelty, so we watch about 20 minutes of “The 40-Year-Old Virgin.”

1:30: Back to fabric shopping.

1:45: Ugh. For reals this time, traffic school. Wait? It’s an eight-hour course? CRAP!

2:30: That’s all the traffic school I can stand. Three of 10 chapters completed. Funny little tests to make sure you don’t skip the text … statements like, “Ray teaches class on Monday,” and “I am wearing black shoes.” Then a mini-quiz asks about Ray and shoe color.

2:45: My husband and I start looking at boats online. This is a really long story that I will tell in a future column.

4:15: Stopped looking at boats. Need to do a little work … I’m kind of sleepy, but I need to power through that and stay awake.

4:20: “What are we having for dinner?” my husband innocently asks. How would I know this? It’s “TCOYOSD!”

4:40: Oooh, husband just showed up with two beers because the Dodger game is on TV in our room! Woo-hoo! This day just gets better and better.

5:00: Time to get up already? No chance. Welcome to the inaugural “Take Care of Your Own Self Night.”

— Tanya Perez is a staff writer at The Enterprise. Her column publishes every other Wednesday. Reach her at [email protected] Follow her on Twitter at @enterprisetanya





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