Shootings leave 6 dead in Seattle

By Gene Johnson SEATTLE — A city already anxious about a recent spate of shootings was rattled further when a man walked into an arts cafe near a Seattle university and opened fire, fatally wounding four people. Police say he later killed a woman during a carjacking before shooting himself. As officers closed in during […]

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Hubby won’t be assigned to sign detail

STAND BY YOUR MAN … in a topsy-turvy campaign that has gone on much too long, we finally have our own half-blown scandal — call it Greengate — where one candidate’s operatives claim to have photographic evidence that Sue Greenwald’s husband, Mike, put up “Greenwald for Council” lawn signs that somehow blocked the lawn signs […]

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Bills in Legislature may bring tuition relief

By Wyatt Buchanan SACRAMENTO — Students in California’s public colleges and universities, who have seen their tuition and fees rise continuously, could see some relief as early as this fall under bills passed in each house of the Legislature on Wednesday. Lawmakers in the Assembly and Senate approved separate measures that would provide a generous tuition break for middle-class students […]

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Wolk plans one last meet-and-greet on Friday

Davis City Councilman Dan Wolk, who is seeking re-election, invites community members to join him for a final meet-and-greet before Election Day on Tuesday. The campaign event will take place Friday from 5 to 8 p.m. at University Park Inn, 1111 Richards Blvd., in Davis. This is a free event. Drinks and appetizers will be […]

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California Telehealth Network becomes independent nonprofit

By Charles Casey The California Telehealth Network, a groundbreaking initiative of broadband-connected health-care sites launched in large part by the University of California Office of the President and UC Davis Health System, formally has become an independent, not-for-profit organization. The transition took place this month after the network’s board of directors voted to approve the […]

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PG&E to inspect Yolo and Solano electric lines from the air

As part of its continuing effort to ensure safety and reliability of its electric system, PG&E began conducting low-level helicopter patrols Tuesday to inspect electric distribution lines for maintenance in parts of Yolo and Solano counties, the utility said in a news release Wednesday. PG&E will continue the service through June 15. The patrol will […]

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Visiting a ‘sister’

A sister city delegation listens to Karen Block, industry relations manager in the UC Davis viticulture and enology department, describe the TJ fermentor’s innovative temperature controller during a tour of the Robert Mondavi Institute for Wine and Food Science’s Teaching and Research Winery at UCD on Wednesday. Six delegates were visiting this week from Huishan […]

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Senate bill seeks to cut down on flu deaths

Legislation to help prevent the spread of the influenza or flu virus passed the state Senate with a bipartisan vote of 23-9 on Wednesday. Senate Bill 1318, which was introduced by Sen. Lois Wolk, D-Davis, requires hospitals and clinics to reach a 90 percent vaccination rate among their health care workers by 2015 or adopt […]

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Aggies take junior high students under their wing in Holmes mentorship program

When teacher Teresa Delgadillo arrived at Holmes Junior High School as an English learner specialist four years ago, she soon developed the sense that something was missing. “I realized that many of the students I was working with needed something more. I really noticed the need among the boys. Many of them didn’t seem connected […]

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Yamada’s Workplace Religious Freedom bill clears first hurdle

Assembly Bill 1964 took its first step toward redefining religious discrimination Tuesday as it passed the state Assembly, 59-3. The bill, which was introduced by Assemblywoman Mariko Yamada, D-Davis, is the Workplace Religious Freedom Act of 2012. This bill further defines the Fair Employment and Housing Act to make sure religion is allotted equal protection […]

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Homework increase proposal pulled from agenda

A proposal to increase the amount of homework allowed at all grade levels in the Davis Joint Unified School District was pulled from the agenda for Thursday’s school board meeting. The plan would have added an additional 10 minutes per night in grades K-3 and 15 minutes per night in grades 4-6 and allowed homework to […]

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New charges filed against Davis burglary suspect

WOODLAND — Yolo County prosecutors have filed a fourth burglary count against a Shingle Springs man already accused of breaking into three Davis houses earlier this year. The new complaint, filed Wednesday morning in Yolo Superior Court, accuses 37-year-old Kyle Kennedy Frank of unlawfully entering a Davis home on Campanilla Court on March 19, with […]

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Arrest made in West Sacramento cat burning

West Sacramento police announced Wednesday the arrest of a 17-year-old boy in connection with the May 2 fatal burning of a stray cat. Lt. Tod Sockman said the suspect, a West Sacramento resident whose name was not released because he is a minor, faces felony animal cruelty charges. Two animal-welfare organizations offered a combined $5,000 […]

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Candidates weigh in on how city should grow

With space at a premium inside Davis’ borders, the importance of the housing aspect of city planning may never be higher than it is now. Thus, the Enterprise asked the five City Council candidates to respond to the following question: What is your stance on growth in Davis in general? Do you believe in densification and infill projects and/or in building on the periphery of the city? How would you provide affordable housing to young families and to meet senior citizens’ needs?

Their answers appear verbatim.

Stephen Souza, 57, is serving his second term on the City Council. He also owns and operates Ultra Clean Pool Services in Davis:

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