Bob Dunning: PG&E takeover makes many uneasy

POWER TO THE PEOPLE … if you are just a bit uneasy about our cash-strapped city’s million-dollar feasibility study concerning the public takeover of PG&E, you are not alone … reading the front page of the paper can be downright confusing these days … on the one hand, the city is apparently rolling in cash […]

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Project Runway celeb brings cutting-edge fashion for a good cause

Forget your Prada. Pack away your Armani. Come “Yolo County style” and enjoy an evening with fashion designer and Project Runway contestant Timothy Westbrook as he brings his high energy and creative artistry to the Yolo County Children’s Alliance’s fifth annual fashion show Thursday. The “Project Prevention” event begins at 6 p.m. in the West […]

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Wolk fundraising picks up; Dodd lapping field

Money keeps flowing to wine country legislative candidate Bill Dodd — and he’s storing plenty in the cellar. The Napa County supervisor raised $58,227 between Jan. 1 and March 17 in his quest to win the 4th District Assembly seat. He ended the reporting period with $527,942 on hand. Dodd, D-Napa, is facing four Yolo […]

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John Munn campaign finance pdf

Click to view John Munn’s campaign finance report: John Munn for Davis City Council 2014 (460 – Pre-Election, 03-17-14) Filed 03-24-14

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Why do zebras have stripes? Flies, say researchers

Why zebras have black and white stripes is a question that has intrigued scientists and spectators for centuries. A research team led by the UC Davis has now examined this riddle systematically. In a paper published Monday in the online journal Nature Communications, scientists found that biting flies, including horseflies and tsetse flies, are the […]

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Fiddling After 40: Staying young through music

On a rainy Saturday morning, the lofted room filled with the miscellaneous notes of stringed instruments being tuned and the voices of eager players.

One cellist sits, with the face of a model student, back straight and instrument ready, face fixed on the director. Nervous fingers play across the strings and tuning knobs of the cello next to her. In the back, viola players chatter.

“OK, I’m in tune. Anybody want to use my tuner?” director Sue MacDonald calls to the group.

Autism experts to discuss research advances

UC Davis autism researchers Sally J. Rogers and Judy Van de Water will present a free public talk on clinical and research advances in autism spectrum disorder from 5:30 to 7 p.m. Wednesday, April 16, in the UC Davis MIND Institute auditorium, 2825 50th St. in Sacramento. Rogers, a professor in the department of psychiatry […]

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Grad Night needs sponsors, donors

Davis Grad Night 2014 is looking for sponsors to support this year’s big year-end event celebrating Davis’ high school graduates. Donors receive a variety of publicity, and much gratitude, for their financial support of this treasured Davis tradition. “We invite you to be a bronze-level sponsor at the $100-plus level on up to a platinum-level […]

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Study: Male-dominated societies are not more violent

Conventional wisdom and scientific arguments have claimed that societies with more men than women, such as China, will become more violent, but a UC Davis  study has found that a male-biased sex ratio does not lead to more crime. Rates of rape, sexual assault and homicide are actually lower in societies with more men than […]

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Sign up for Peregrine School’s summer camps

Registration is now open for Peregrine School’s wide assortment of summer camps for students in grades K-6. Camps will include a daily family-style lunch, cooking activities with the school chef and visits from teachers of music, dance and yoga. Is your child interested in bugs, snakes or amphibians? Enroll him or her in “Bugs!” (June […]

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Panel discusses upcoming state and local water issues

Local and state leaders held a panel discussion to discuss the future of the state’s water supply and its relationship to Yolo County at a Davis meeting Monday night. About 100 people attended the public forum, titled “Enough to Go Around — Sustainable Water Policy for California and Yolo County,” filling a room at the […]

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