A touch of Hollywood comes to Davis

Hollywood has been referred to as plastic by people like Andy Warhol, and Davis gets a lot of recycling done. Similarities galore.

Maybe not, but at least Little Thunder Films gets to stand out among the few independent film companies striving to make it in Davis — as opposed to the many that compete for attention by showcasing their work in Tinseltown.

Little Thunder Films, which was created in the summer of 2012, is a local team of 11 (and rapidly growing) aspiring filmmakers and producers that are working within the medium of dramatic and documentary film.

Local artists’ worlds collide to create cycletar

With bikes and guitars constantly on his mind, it wasn’t surprising when Harrison Phipps, creator and luthier at Fretted Strings, decided to make a bike guitar, or as he coined it, a “cycletar.” Phipps had been talking about working on other projects with pediatrician and metal art hobbyist Steve Nowicki when this project came up. […]

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Second Friday ArtAbout kicks off the summer

With school out, the Davis Downtown Second Friday ArtAbout on Friday is a great way to kick off summer vacation. This monthly self-guided artwalk features free receptions and viewings that are open to the public. Many showings include complimentary refreshments and opportunities to chat with featured artists, as well as live music and art demonstrations. […]

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Climate change threatens U.S. biofuel goals, study predicts

By Mike Williams If the climate continues to evolve as predicted by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the United States stands little to no chance of satisfying its current biofuel goals, according to a new study by Rice University and UC Davis. The study published online in the American Chemical Society journal Environmental Science […]

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Tighter security promised

FamiliesFirst president and CEO Darrell Evora, right, talks with Stephen Lendzion, the senior learning partner at the Davis campus, on Saturday. He said the nonprofit organization has responded to the recent controversy by increasing staff levels, adding round-the-clock security and implementing new intervention techniques for youths who attempt to leave without permission. An independent expert […]

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Philippine hero dog returns home from U.S.

MANILA, Philippines (AP) — The Philippine dog that lost half her face saving the lives of two girls returned home Saturday after treatment in the United States. Filipino veterinarian Anton Lim who accompanied the dog — named Kabang — said the mixed-breed whose snout and upper jaw had been sheared off was treated at the […]

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Old North Davis celebrates 100 years

On a day when temperatures in Davis passed the century mark by early afternoon, residents of Old North Davis marked the 100th anniversary of their neighborhood with festivities that included a potluck dinner and a visit from the Cal Aggie Marching Band-uh. And while the band’s appearance was a special treat, residents have been gathering […]

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FamiliesFirst boosts staff, security as police make third rape arrest

Davis police confirmed Saturday the arrest of a third youth on rape charges in its FamiliesFirst investigation, a day after the state Department of Social Services released documents showing the Davis group home was the source of numerous complaints and other troubles over the past two years. The 17-year-old boy, who was not a resident […]

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Obama presses Xi on cybersecurity

RANCHO MIRAGE (AP) — President Barack Obama used an unusually lengthy and informal desert summit to present Chinese President Xi Jingping with detailed evidence of intellectual property theft emanating from his country, as a top U.S. official declared Saturday that cybersecurity is now at the “center of the relationship” between the world’s largest economies. While […]

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Council gearing up for 2013-14 budget adoption

In the penultimate step in the city’s budget adoption process for fiscal year 2013-14, the Davis City Council will hear presentations Tuesday from each department on their respective plans for the next 12 months and how much those operations will cost. Council members then will have the opportunity to offer input on what they would […]

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Time to celebrate as 2013’s grads take center stage

Yes, it was hot — 102 degrees. But Mother Nature’s toasty gift didn’t burn up their enthusiasm as 570 members of the Davis High School Class of 2013 celebrated their commencement Friday night at Ron & Mary Brown Stadium.

But by the time Sugal Sutter, senior class president, was done welcoming the audience, everyone was in the shade.

“In 20 minutes, the heat, wind and crowds, none of it will matter. It just becomes all about them,” Vice Principal Stacy Desideri said of the graduates.

LIFE. Just Live It!

Visitors to the 2013 Grad Night venue on Friday afternoon delight in pointing out old friends as they check out the photos on the popular kindergarten wall. The theme of the all-night safe party, thrown for the graduates of all four of Davis’ high schools, was “LIFE. Just Live It! The grads enjoyed casino games, […]

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You didn’t send that spam, but they think you did

The problem might start with an email from a friend who asks, “Why did you send me this spam promising ‘super sexxxxy weight loss results’?” Followed by a few more emails from other friends asking the same thing. Some of them angry. Or maybe your computer slows. Or abruptly reboots. Or a store refuses your […]

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Bob Dunning: Here’s what the government’s hearing

In an attempt to justify its surveillance of every phone call made by every American, the Obama administration today released word-for-word transcripts recorded from a suspected terrorist cell operating out of a 1950s-style starter home in a nondescript East Davis neighborhood (as all East Davis neighborhoods are). Please know that if you hear strange clicking […]

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