State Senate rejects effort to ban plastic bags

SACRAMENTO (AP) — State senators rejected a bill Thursday that would have phased out the use of single-use plastic checkout bags in grocery, drug and convenience stores. Sen. Alex Padilla, D-Los Angeles, said he will try again next year. It’s the fifth such bill to fail in the Senate since 2010. Padilla’s SB405 had support […]

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Bob Dunning: Hard to stay impartial when you’re this close

GUILT AND INNOCENCE … after reading what I had to say last week about the brutal beating of Mikey Partida in our town several months ago, a friend of mine suggested he certainly wouldn’t want me on the jury if he were the defendant … truth be known, I wouldn’t want me on the jury […]

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Levee troubles extend to Yolo County

The Sacramento District of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers released an evaluation Thursday of both the right and left banks of Putah Creek, which flows just south of Davis. It rated the maintenance of the levee systems as unacceptable. The proposed Bay Delta Conservation Plan would impact Yolo County, so local representatives were on […]

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Inspection identifies weak spots in Putah Creek levee systems

The ability of Putah Creek and its connected levee systems to protect the Davis area from a flood has been diminished, according to the results of a survey. The Sacramento District of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers released an evaluation Thursday of both the right and left banks of Putah Creek, which flows just […]

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July hearing set in UCD explosives case

WOODLAND — A hearing to determine whether the case against a former UC Davis researcher accused of manufacturing explosives in his campus apartment should proceed to trial is scheduled for July 26 in Yolo Superior Court. Judge David Reed confirmed the date during a brief hearing Thursday. Snyder, 32, was not present in court, having […]

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Reps pick fight with Brown over delta tunnels

SACRAMENTO — Rep. John Garamendi and four of his House colleagues on Thursday ripped the governor’s plan for building twin tunnels to send water around the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta to Southern California. They said that the $24.54 billion project, called the Bay Delta Conservation Plan, has ignored regional concerns about the harm it could cause […]

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Join in

Davis Parent Nursery School alumni — parents and children alike — are invited to join Kathy Douglas’ last circle time on Tuesday, beginning at 3:45 p.m. at the Eighth Street campus, 426 W. Eighth St. Cake and refreshments will be served afterwards.

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Retiring DPNS teacher leaves a lasting legacy

Rare is the teacher who doesn’t leave a lasting impression.

Indeed, outside of parents, teachers are often the most important adults in their students’ lives.

At Davis Parent Nursery School, the impact of teachers stretches even further.

Because while DPNS teachers guide and teach the children in their classes every year, they also leave a lasting mark on their other students: the parents.

Explorit: Invite butterflies into your yard

As summer approaches, more of us are spending time outside and may be observing some colorful flying visitors to our yards and gardens. The butterflies are definitely out and about in Davis! Butterflies love gardens full of flowering plants, which offer lots of opportunities for nectar. But you can attract butterflies to your neck of […]

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Science Café set at Crepeville

“Dangerous Leaking Radioactive Places” is the title of a conversation with UC Davis chemistry professor Bill Casey that will take place at the next Science Café session in Davis. Casey’s free talk begins at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday, June 12, at Crepeville, 330 Third St. in downtown Davis. The event is hosted by professor Jared T. […]

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Ancient streambed found on surface of Mars

Rounded pebbles on the surface of Mars indicate that a stream once flowed on the red planet, according to a new study by a team of scientists from NASA’s Curiosity rover mission, including a UC Davis geologist. The study will be published in the May 31 issue of the journal Science. Rounded pebbles of this […]

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Landscape management seminar offered in Davis

The educational division of California Association of Pest Control Advisers is offering a professional education seminar for landscape management and turf and ornamental maintenance. It will run from 7:45 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. Thursday, June 6, at the Davis Cemetery, 820 Pole Line Road. Topics will include an introduction to the Davis Cemetery’s integrated pest […]

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Tuleyome Tales: Make your garden native bee-friendly

By Mary K. Hanson Most likely you recognize the European honey bees when you see them, but did you know that California also boasts more than 1,600 species of native bees? There are actually more than 300 species just in Yolo County alone, and like honey bees, these guys lend a significant hand in pollinating […]

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