Tuesday, April 28, 2015
This is a general view of the brewery site. The old malt house, which is no longer used for malting, is to the right, the Old Brewery House where we stayed is in the middle and the brewery is in the non-descript buildings to the left of the photograph. Michael Lewis/Courtesy photo
This is Phil the head brewer and your columnist standing at the Under-Back. The wort is flowing into this vessel from the mash tun on the floor above and, at the right moment, will flow down to the kettle below, all by gravity. This is the advantage of a tower brewery design. Michael Lewis/Courtesy photo
This is the water wheel that provides mechanical power to the brewery. The wheel itself is to the left and the water pumps are in the front of the photograph. The water wheel also hauls sacks of malt to the top of the tower where it could also grind the malt (but does not). The malt then drops to the grist case and thence to the mash tun again all by gravity flow. Michael Lewis/Courtesy photo