Friday, April 24, 2015
Maira Hurtado of Bakersfield gets some help from parents Maria and Francisco and little sister Yazmin — along with UCD Moo-ve in Crew member Daniel Arevalo — in carrying her belongings to her dorm room Saturday afternoon. Wayne Tilcock/Enterprise photo
Gordon Cai of San Francisco checks out his mini-fridge, carried into his dorm with help from UCD Moo-ve In Crew volunteer Alan Tam, left. In the background are Noelle Chiang and Nathaniel Elia, plus Gordon's grandparents, Wing Hoo Leung and Xiuji Leung. Wayne Tilcock/Enterprise photo
Hannah Lynch of Sacramento figures out how to climb up to her top bunk as her new UC Davis roommates — Kyrie Aragon, left, of Bakersfield and Azuzena Barrios of Los Angeles — offer suggestions. The young women are sharing a room in Campbell Hall in the Tercero residence hall complex. Wayne Tilcock/Enterprise photo