Wednesday, April 1, 2015
Al in this "Elements of Life" tile stands for aluminum, a common material in bicycle frames. Courtesy photo
Fe in this "Elements of Life" tile stands for iron. Sue Cockrell/Enterprise photo
Ken Jones, a masonry foreman, installs ceramic tiles in the pavement outside Peter A. Rock Hall (formerly Chem 194) on the UC Davis campus. "The Elements of Life” is the newest public art from UCD's Art-Science Fusion Program, led by co-directors Diane Ullman and Donna Billick. It is made up of of 39, 11-by-11 inch tiles featuring selected elements from the periodic table. Sue Cockrell/Enterprise photo
Seen through a growing trellis of twisted steel pipes and used shovel heads, artist Chris Fennell balances atop his creation Tuesday morning as he welds more shovels into place. Sue Cockrell/Enterprise photo