Wednesday, May 6, 2015
Lowell Ashbaugh of the Fly Fishers of Davis drops 35 small pink salmon eggs into an aquarium in Sarita Cooper's classroom at Korematsu Elementary School. Interested fourth-graders crane for a peek. Sue Cockrell/Enterprise photo
Tiny pink salmon eggs will hatch in a week or so. The tiny fish, called fry, then will stay in the gravel, feeding from their attached yolk sacs for 30 or 40 days before working their way out of the gravel bed and heading for the surface. Sue Cockrell/Enterprise photo
Carleigh Greenway, a fourth-grader at Korematsu Elementary School, points out some of the 35 small pink salmon eggs that are nestled in the gravel of teacher Sarita Cooper's aquarium. Sue Cockrell/Enterprise photo