Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Pence Gallery: Art of all kinds will go up for bids

This month at the Pence Gallery, all three galleries are filled with 170 works of art, just in time for Art Auction 2014. Ranging from photography and painting to mixed media and ceramics, the auction exhibit includes pieces donated by some of the region’s finest artists. This year, we have pulled out all the stops […]

Changing local election dates benefits Democrats

No one knows better than Democratic Party politicians that voters who tend to support them are at high tide in November general elections during even-numbered years when offices like president and governor and U.S. senator are at stake. Turnouts are far lower in primary elections, special elections and those held in some cities during odd-numbered […]

Ad-free email? You can still find it at Davis Community Network

By Bill Buchanan Those of us who help run the Davis Community Network sometimes wonder how to publicize the useful things we do, without resorting to publicity stunts or spending money (that we don’t have anyway) to buy attention. So we’re grateful that twice in August, Davis Enterprise columnist Debra DeAngelo knocked Cal.net for its […]

How to make a good living

So, Mike Harrington and John Munn settled their lawsuit against the city of Davis over the water rates. So, either I can expect a check or all that “settlement” money is for legal fees. If the latter is the case, it seems that Harrington has been making a nice living over the years with his […]

Keep our green waste piles

Green waste piles give me: * A sense of what is happening in nature, from a world more varied than my yard and bland greenbelts. * A chance to appreciate nature’s gifts and to use what others didn’t. To me, this use feels like honoring nature. Things I’ve taken: * Plant starts; * Food. Unripe […]

Name Droppers: UC researchers publish book on mental disorders

Randi Hagerman, Endowed Chair in Fragile X Research and medical director of the UC Davis MIND Institute, and Robert Hendren, professor, vice chair and director of child and adolescent psychiatry in the UC San Francisco Department of Psychiatry, are the editors of a new leading-edge book, “Treatment of Neurodevelopmental Disorders: Targeting Neurobiological Mechanisms,” published by Oxford […]

Field to fork: Play catch-up with summer’s produce

Tomatoes, corn, eggplant — this list of summer’s bounty could go on, but we’ll leave it at that, invoking the journalist’s “rule of threes.” (Cite three examples and in our culture, at least, that stand in for everything.) The summer growing season is coming to an end, as days grow shorter, nights get cooler, and […]

Local teacher and artist turns 100

Kathy Bitzer received a special gift for her 100th birthday: a photo album with pictures of all the dolls she’s made. Bitzer, who turned 100 on Aug. 6, celebrated her birthday with family and friends at a party thrown by members of the Davis Doll Collectors Club. Bitzer, who made reproductions of antique dolls by hand, […]

100 years’ worth of stories

Bud Meyer just had his first birthday. His first triple-digit birthday, that is. Bud turned 100 on Tuesday, an occasion that he celebrated with family and friends. Bud lives in Davis with his wife, Maude, and a caregiver. Though he sometimes forgets what he said a minute before, Bud still recalls stories from his youth nearly a […]

Empty plates in Yolo County

The issue: The number of locals going hungry shocked everyone 44,400. Fourty-four thousand, four hundred. That’s the number of people who get assistance every year from the Food Bank of Yolo County, according to Hunger in America 2014, a comprehensive study of hunger in the United States. LOCAL ACTIVISTS and agencies have sounded the alarm for years, […]

New council is making real progress

This is the first installment of a monthly column I am calling “The Mayor’s Corner.” It will appear toward the end of each month and is intended to provide an update of what’s happening at the City Council and introduce any new policy initiatives. City Council update: Our new City Council was sworn in just a […]

Remember her real legacy

What happened to Elaine Greenberg broke my heart. Her legacy should be all the good she did over her lifetime and not that last few weeks where things went horribly off track due to circumstances beyond her control. I believe removing the dogs from Elaine’s care was the right thing to do. She could no […]