Thursday, August 21, 2014

Cruise on over

Car enthusiasts — and their pets — meander through classic automobiles during the April Cruise-In at the Marketplace Shopping Center. The next Cruise-In will be held from 5 to 7 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 19, at Cook’s Collision, 1665 Research Park Drive in South Davis.

Dog situation is sad all around

I am thrilled that the Rotties are now in a safe and caring place. It is incredibly sad that people don’t know about the 50 years Elaine Greenberg spent dedicating her life to rescuing these dogs. No one knows about the countless dogs she found loving homes for or the dogs she nursed back to […]

Play presented with authenticity

There is only one weekend more to attend the outstanding Acme Theatre Company’s production of the powerful play, “The Rememberer” by Steven Dietz, based on the memoir of Joyce Simmons Cheeka. Her memoir describes the shameful period during which the federal government forced Native American children to attend federal boarding schools in order to deny […]

Mosquito spraying isn’t effective

The Sacramento-Yolo Mosquito and Vector Control District has been continually saturating the area by spraying toxic pesticides from airplanes, from trucks and from backpacks for the past two months. Now they have announced aerial spraying over the entire city of Davis. Many people will be outdoors, others will have their windows open. Young children and pregnant […]

Tom Elias: Red-light camera fate now uncertain in state

There are few worse feelings for a driver than receiving a letter purporting to show that person in the act of running a red light. But not many legal items are less enforceable or reliable, despite what the California Supreme Court said in an early summer ruling that held that red-light camera photos and videos have […]

Rich Rifkin: Where does our green waste go?

It was about 15 years ago. I had just filled the bed of my pickup with compost offered free at the Davis Community Gardens. I turned right onto Fifth Street and noticed a cop was right behind me. I turned right on L Street. So did the police officer. I turned left on Eighth. So […]

Tuleyome Tales: Hikers, be safe during fire season

With the fire season already well underway, and the recent incidences of the Monticello Fire near Lake Berryessa and the Butts Fire in Napa County, wildfire safety for hikers in the region is a topic that bears repeating. Eric “Bam Bam” Barnett builds and maintain hiking trails on a regular basis very near the area […]

Farmers Market shoppers can pick up free reusable produce bags

As part of its “Go Green, Feel Good” campaign, the Davis Farmers Market will give away 500 three-packs of reusable produce bags to the first 500 customers who stop by the market shed on Wednesday, Aug. 6, beginning at 5 p.m. in Central Park, Third and C streets. The campaign is in response to Davis’ […]

At the Pond: From Davis, it’s easy to get back to nature

We’re lucky, all of us. We can travel three minutes or three hours and reach incredible places for mini, inexpensive, restorative vacations. I’ll wager that four generations of one Davis family will cherish memories of their bike ride along Putah Creek to Winters. Longtime Davis Bike Club member Gerald Peterson, 80, led a ride to […]

Clinton’s book is worth a read

I just finished reading Hillary Rodham Clinton’s book, “Living History,” and I would ask everyone to read this. Even if you are not a fan of Hillary, please read of her accomplishments and the work she has tried to do for our country and for our world. Hillary has more experience in government than many […]

Thanks for emergency help

This letter is to thank the nice young man, Alex, who stopped to help me yesterday when I had fallen in South Davis. He spotted me on the ground after I had tripped and gashed my shin. He biked quickly back to his apartment and brought a clean shirt to wrap my leg and bottle […]

Commenting system to change

As a journalist, I believe people should stand behind their opinions. We ask our news sources to be quoted by name in our stories. We ask our readers to sign their true names to their letters to the editor. And now we’re requiring that commenters on our website,, post their thoughts by signing on through […]

Cheers and Jeers: Everybody wants to live in Davis

We offer our cheers and jeers for local newsmakers as we look back over the previous week: CHEERS to the news that Davis’ real estate market is going gang-busters. Cory Gold, vice president of Coldwell Banker-Doug Arnold Real Estate, says last month was the busiest June in several years. There is good news on both sides […]