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Cal Fire, allied agencies gain upper hand on fire

WINTERS — State and regional fire officials stopped short of a victory dance Saturday during a town hall meeting as firefighters from across the state gained the upper hand on a massive wildfire.

Instead, they took the opportunity to address a group made up primarily of people evacuated as a result of the Wragg fire to explain their progress and confidence that they are making good headway in battling the blaze.

Vape industry has few rules, but change seems likely

By Julia Horowitz  SACRAMENTO (AP) — The Vapor Spot doesn’t immediately conjure images of the Wild West. There’s a curved, neon-backed bar and full-length windows at the downtown Sacramento shop. The high exposed ceilings are decked with orbed light fixtures to give the expansive space a warm glow. Patrons gather in the “vape shop” to smoke […]

Girl power: Tech Trek STEM campers learn at UCD

“Is ‘CSI: Miami’ realistic?” asked one Tech Trek camper. The panel of UC Davis students laughed, saying that in some ways, yes, but that the timeline of solving crimes on the television show is way too fast. Such was the vibe during Thursday’s session of “Crime Fighters of the Future,” one of the interactive workshops […]

Los Tres de Winters will perform at gazebo

Los Tres de Winters will present a free outdoor performance from 7 to 8:30 p.m. Thursday, July 9, at the Rotary Park Gazebo at Main Street and Railroad Avenue in downtown Winters. The trio plays Norteño-style music, with accordion, bajo quinto and bass. This lively music is a hybrid of Mexican and Spanish vocal traditions, […]

‘Tame the Flame’ on view in July at Gallery 625

The human fascination with fire — its heat, utility, beauty and capacity to destroy — is artistically explored in July’s exhibition at Gallery 625. “Tame the Flame,” a mixed-media group exhibition, includes the photographs and artwork of 13 local artists. The idea for this group show was sparked three years ago at The Nest, the now-closed gallery […]

At the Pond: Evaluating Davis’ open-space tax

Davis citizens love open space so much that 15 years ago we voted to tax ourselves to fund it. Seventy percent of voters said yes. The open-space protection special tax was on the ballot in November 2000 as Measure O. We all pay $24 per year over 30 years. Businesses are charged more, and there are fee […]

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Impacts of Measure J being felt now, expert says

So from a Davis-centric point of view, things seem to be on the up and up. Not entirely, warns Davis resident Jim Gray, a developer and broker with DTZ, a global real estate investment firm. First, the Bay Area and Silicon Valley markets have been white-hot for a few years now, leaving Davis in the […]

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Homicide victim, suspect ID’d

Authorities have released the name of the victim and suspect in Wednesday’s apparent homicide in West Sacramento. The victim has been identified as Herbert Ublic Rhodes Jr., 60 — not 55 as police previously reported — of Sacramento. An autopsy was still underway late Thursday afternoon to determine his cause of death, Yolo County Chief […]

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No fun when he comes home

Dear Annie: When my brother “Steve” comes home from college, he stays up until 3 a.m., sleeps until 2 in the afternoon, and leaves his chores and homework until the very last minute. I don’t understand why he doesn’t keep a regular sleep schedule or take care of his homework and other chores early in […]

Are we there yet? The list of things I will not miss

As of this writing, my baby is about to graduate high school. He will leave for UC Berkeley on Aug. 22, about which we are proud, excited, giddy … and very relieved by its proximity to Davis. However, if I don’t focus on things that I will not miss about my soon-to-depart older son, I […]

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Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, hope I live to 103  

Well, here it is… the big D-Day B-Day. On Thursday, I turned 56. The same age as my mother when she died suddenly of a brain aneurysm. At this age. My age. Where I’m at today. Holy freaking hell, am I not ready to go. Was my mother ready? I don’t know, because frankly, her life […]

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Pneumonia shots: Not just for kids

By Mark Glickstein, MD You may have seen the recent TV ads for Prevnar 13, a vaccine shot to reduce the risk of getting pneumonia. Prevnar 13 has been used in children for years. But now it is recommended for adults also. Pneumonia is an infection of the lungs. It usually causes fevers, chills, and a bad […]

Kia’s all grown up with luxury sedan

Kia has come a long way since its humble beginnings. The best evidence is the new Kia K900, a car so luxurious that many European luxury car makers should be getting nervous. Kia celebrated its 20th anniversary in the U.S. market last year, and the K900 is a symbol of how far the brand has come and […]

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Doula program popular with moms, volunteers

Sutter Davis Hospital’s fleet of volunteer doulas provide all birthing assistance and support at no charge, and have been doing so since about 1994 when a group of Davis women formed a somewhat grassroots collective aimed simply at supporting other women during childbirth. Since then, the program has grown into a group of more than 75 doulas […]

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