Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Law applies to police, too

I greatly appreciated your well-written article on the California Highway Patrol’s distracted drivers course and how dangerous it is to text while driving. I was also pleased to discover the information that it is illegal to text while stopped at a light (I can only assume that applies to stop signs, as well). The reason […]

No on the $15 wage plan

Historically, I have been philosophically committed to the cause of labor. Thus, on a visceral level, I would have been disposed — on a “knee-jerk” liberal basis — to support the $15 minimum-wage initiative now proposed for Davis. However, practical considerations impel me to not support it. As a society, we have been subjected to […]

Nicholas Kristof: Where the GOP gets it right

Republicans may seem like ultimate Scrooges. Many want to slash food stamps, unemployment benefits and just about any program that helps the needy. So they know nothing about poverty, right? Wrong. Actually, conservatives have been proved right about three big ideas of social policy. Liberals may grimace, but hear me out on these points: * […]

Good intentions don’t fund the payroll

The issue: Davis businesses should not be saddled with a $15 minimum wage It’s an argument rooted in altruism. One looks around and sees people struggling to get by, and the mind leaps to a simple solution: just pay them more. Problem solved, right? THAT SEEMS to be the thought process behind a signature-gathering effort […]

Dr. John highlights American Heritage series

The Southern undercurrent of the upcoming Mondavi season is manifested in the American Heritage series with the appearance by New Orleans artist Dr. John; also a concert by violinist Regina Carter. Often classified as a jazz violinist, Carter will play a program titled “Southern Comfort” that will include folk songs and spiritual that were popular […]

Our home, sweet home

Five years ago, we began a project at Fourth and D streets in downtown Davis to provide an owner-occupied, senior-friendly home for four couples in an energy- and resource-efficient building. We chose this spot because of its place in the vibrant Davis downtown and its excellent solar exposure. We are excited now that all couples are […]

Death penalty changes are needed

Few topics divide California as consistently or as evenly as the death penalty. The last time voters had their say on it, they opted by a vote of just over 51-49 percent to keep it around. How avidly do supporters of capital punishment maintain their opinions? Two years ago, when the Proposition 34 ballot initiative […]

Yee, ‘Shrimp Boy’ and the last hustle

One does not often emerge from San Francisco politics smelling like a rose. It is a city of intensely parochial loyalties, where success is earned by building coalitions of voters from the city’s patchwork of diverse neighborhoods. The currency is sweat, tears and favors — the raw ingredients of the hustle. Out of this environment of […]

Looking for business partners

Since it seems the city of Davis wants to spend all its money of redoing Fifth Street or privatizing the power or any number of non-critical projects and does not want to keep the infrastructure working (the power is currently working), I’m looking to start a business similar to Zipcar (maybe I can partner with […]

Gail Collins: The season of the twitch

By Gail Collins Some of you appear to be very, very worried about which party is going to win control of the Senate in November. Really, you should stop for a while. Take a break. No fretting about undecided voters until there’s at least a minimal chance that the undecided voters know who’s running. Right […]