Tuesday, November 25, 2014

When the computer stares back

Dear Annie: Last week, I was watching a YouTube video, and suddenly a man’s face appeared on my screen. He was watching me. I immediately turned off my computer. Apparently, through apps or hacking into computer signals, people can watch you through your computer camera lens. I shared my story with friends and co-workers, and […]

How I want to be remembered

I’d like to leave some instructions to my children. In the past few weeks, we’ve heard a lot about self-chosen death, particularly the case of Brittany Maynard, a newlywed who suffered from aggressive, fatal brain cancer and decided to make her exit before things got too bad. She took her life on Nov. 1, legally, under […]

The power of ‘no’ will help patch up my personal boundaries

Several people have said they don’t understand why Leslie Pinkston’s murder affected me so much, given that although we worked under the same roof, we weren’t close by any means. We were mostly each other’s ambient noise at work. Her more than me. When Leslie was in the building, you knew she was in the building. […]

Watch out for holiday weight gain

By Richard Fleming, M.D. Though it seems hard to believe, winter is a few weeks away. Some animals put on a lot of weight in the fall so they can hibernate through the winter months. Bears can add on as much as 100 pounds to get ready for cold weather. Other animals can increase their […]

Kia goes upmarket in a big way

The Associated Press The 2015 K900, the new flagship at Kia, is an attractive, large, luxury sedan with a quiet, comfortable ride, a boatload of standard features and a value price compared with luxury-brand competitors. Starting manufacturer’s suggested retail price, including destination charge, of $60,400 makes the sizable K900 Kia’s most expensive model by far. […]

Be on the lookout for tagged Monarch butterflies

The next time you see a Monarch butterfly heading your way in California — or settled in at an overwintering site in coastal California or in central Mexico — check to see if it’s tagged. It may have flown hundreds of miles from the Pacific Northwest, and Washington State University entomologist David James is eager to know where you […]

Neighborhood fun

Sunday’s ninth annual Davis Neighbors’ Night Out on Sunday, Oct. 12, was a get-to-know-you event to build a sense of connection and safety among residents. Neighborhoods around the city, 142 of them, threw parties between noon and 7 p.m., with visits from city officials, police, firefighters and various UC Davis representatives to brighten up the festivities. 14neighbors1W […]

Circle of Bees aims to make beekeeping easy for Davis

Something’s abuzz in Davis back yards. Christian Coulon, a Davis resident, works as a Web-page designer for UC Davis by day, but spends the rest of his time building beehives for his group Circle of Bees. A self-described “science dork kid,” Coulon has been fascinated by bees since he was young. In 2009, Coulon fell […]

Swim coaches do a great job

Re: Mark Braly’s column “Masters Coach Gets Deserved Award” I’d like to correct a misunderstanding in Mark Braly’s Oct. 7 column, in which he wrote that I “complained that coach Stu had thrown (me) out of 7:15 p.m. DAM practice …” Actually, Stu just told me there was no lane available that evening. I usually do […]

Davis kids keep getting better

I work for the Davis public schools, mostly at Davis High, as a substitute teacher, yard supervisor and detention supervisor. So I am both a substitute teacher and I work in discipline. I see your children at their worst, and at their worst they are still incredibly good. The parents of Davis are doing a […]

Register, and then vote!

The People’s Climate March on Sept. 21 in New York City, intended to impress world leaders meeting at the United Nations of the need for immediate action on global warming, drew as many as an estimated 400,000 people from around the country and as far away as East Timor. The attendees of the march deserve […]

Great progress on public health

On Tuesday evening there was a wonderful ceremony held in the Davis Community Chambers: Chancellor Linda Katehi and her staff at UC Davis were honored for their exceptional work in implementing a University of California policy making this campus a tobacco- and smoke-free community. It was appropriate that the town that once had the strictest smoking ordinances […]

Thank you, Yolo Hospice

Yolo Hospice provides patient, loving care, which elevates the dignity of human life and each individual. I applaud them for their efforts and see Yolo Hospice as a vital service for the community. The well-trained professionals of this organization are important to those afflicted by suffering and loss. Death and loss are a part of […]

Get going on fixing the deck

Since my last published letter, pertaining to fixing the deck at Central Park, home to the Davis Farmers Market, several people have offered suggestions, and have urged me to goose the powers that be, by writing another letter. These friendly roustabouts have assured me that they can fix the deck in half a day. They […]