Thursday, July 24, 2014

Mirren stars in must-see summer film

Director Lasse Hallström (“The Cider House Rules,” “Salmon Fishing in the Yemen”) helms “The Hundred-Foot Journey,” an adaptation of Richard C. Morais’ droll novel, which concerns an Indian family that moves to France and establishes a restaurant directly across from a Michelin-starred establishment run by Helen Mirren.

Name Droppers: Woodland mom garners Women’s Opportunity Award

Soroptimist International of Davis presented Alicia Ramos its Women’s Opportunity Award on April 23. The Woodland mom received a $2,000 grant at a luncheon at Odd Fellows Hall. The award goes to women who are primary wage earners for their families, to help them obtain training or education to return to the workforce or upgrade […]

Yolo County educators honored by for special education work

The Yolo County Community Advisory Committee and SELPA honored 16 educators for their outstanding service and dedication to individuals with disabilities at an annual awards ceremony on Monday, May 12. The awardees each received a ceramic plaque designed and created by students and teachers at the Einstein Education Center. Two of the students, Sal Mendoza […]

What do you think? How should the government solve the shutdown issue?

Sophia Hernandez student, Davis: “They  should put aside their differences and think about what’s best for the country as a whole.” Nancy Ly student, Davis: “One  person should  just make a decision. Compromising isn’t going anywhere.” Andy Rathbone business owner, Dixon: “They should shut down Congress and the Senate and deny them pay, just like […]

‘The Brady Bunch,’ this isn’t

Dear Annie: I’m from a big blended family, and we’re the type who believe that family is everything. I recently moved an hour away from my dad, his wife and their kids. I love my dad with all my heart, but I can’t stand his wife. She is constantly talking down to my siblings and […]

It’s hard to decide how much to watch

A couple of weeks ago I found myself alone in front of the TV with my hand hovering over the remote. To click or not to click? I clicked, terminating the movie I was watching at the one-hour mark. “The Killing Fields” is a 1984 Oscar-winning fictionalized account of real events during the Cambodian genocide. […]

Do it now without regret, and don’t bite, lest the maggots eat you alive

Friday of Memorial Day weekend, you’re a harsh teacher. Although Monday of Memorial Day Weekend gets all the glory, it’s Friday that historically has jumped up and given me a crescent kick in the teeth. Memorial Day itself is fairly predictable: At some point, I’ll be staring down at my father’s grave, adorned with a […]

Food security and nutrition for seniors

By Amanda McCarthy May is National Older Americans Month. During this time, we often think about our grandparents, relatives and friends. While many seniors live healthy, active lives, there are also those who struggle to live on fixed incomes. For these people, there are difficult choices to make including whether to pay for healthcare or […]

A sweet spot for farms and fish on a floodplain

By Richard Howitt and Josué Medellín-Azuara One of California’s greatest environmental success stories has been the partnership between Sacramento Valley rice growers and wildlife managers to support wintering waterfowl. Farmers have shown they can make good money in the off-season by flooding their harvested fields to grow ducks and geese — attracting fee-paying hunters. Now, […]

Few fire calls? Well, I’m one of them

By Glen Byrns First let me say that I’m not a firefighter, union member or follower of Davis politics. I’m an ordinary citizen who is retired and enjoys backpacking, building model airplanes and rebuilding old English cars for fun. There’s been a lot of talk about reducing staffing levels for the Fire Department. During the […]

What do you think? What book would you like to read but haven’t gotten around to yet?

Julie Bonnar sales, Davis: “The Bible. I’m working on it.” David Bonnar environmental toxicologist, Davis: ” ‘Dune,’ by Frank Herbert. It’s a sci-fi novel.” Kathy Wang student, Davis: ” ‘Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.’ “ Greg Cotta sports director at KDVS, Davis: ” ‘Catch-22.’ “ Melinda Ozel FACS coder, Davis: ” ‘On the Road.’ “ […]

We value our firefighters

By Alan Fernandes, Lori Duisenberg, Gina Nunes and Sean Cowan Every time we hear the wail of a siren, or jog past the fire station, or hear news of a local tragedy; we are thankful for our first responders, and in particular the firefighters in Davis. There are only 36 firefighters in Davis who work […]

Just Us in Davis: On May 15, DHS youths lead us again

Learn more What: Race and Social Justice in U.S. History student research poster presentation When: 5:30-7:30 p.m. Wednesday, May 15 Where: Davis High School Library, 315 W. 14th St. What: Juneteenth Celebration When: 1-5 p.m. Saturday, June 22 Where: Veterans’ Memorial Center, 203 E. 14th St., Davis Time flies and change happens! When the Race and Social Justice in U.S. History […]