Friday, December 26, 2014

Ex-husband won’t listen to either of them

Dear Annie: My son is a second grader. Over the summer, while he was staying with my ex-husband, a boy touched my son’s private area over his clothes. This was no slight, accidental touch. It was deliberate. My son’s stepmother called child protective services regarding the incident, because the family of the other child runs […]

What you need to know about 6-foot trick-or-treaters

I thought it was all about big boys, who should have known better, shaking me down for candy. They’d arrive in clumps, shout “trick or treat,” and shove undecorated brown paper bags in my direction. It didn’t feel right. Then again, some things don’t make sense until you’ve lived them with your own child– and […]

You can keep your haunted houses — I don’t think fear is fun

I’ve never been a fan of haunted houses. Probably because I’ve never been a fan of fear. Fear’s right up there with pain — nope, not a fan. Unless there’s a bodice, thigh-high stilettos and a whip involved. But that’s another column, and probably not one that will run in The Enterprise. What is it […]

What do you think: How will you vote on Measure E?

Kyle Monhollen teacher, Davis: “Yes; my wife is a teacher, my children both attend school in Davis.” Heather Riden program manager, Davis: “I’d probably vote for it, (to) support public schools.” Sam Kemp grad student, Davis: “I haven’t decided yet. I just moved, and I’m still just feeling out what local politics are like.” Emily […]

Oppose this unfair new tax: Vote no on Measure E

By Jose J. Granda and Thomas Randall Jr. Before you vote on Measure E you should give serious consideration to the following facts and questions: The Davis Unified School District’s 2011-12 budget reveals that the district received $70.3 million in revenue — $8,707 per student — most of it from our state income taxes. The parcel tax […]

Support excellence in education: Vote yes on Measure E

By Barbara Archer, et. al. We are at a crossroads for education in California. Unfortunately, we live in a state that does not fund education well and has been deeply affected by the economic crisis. But we in Davis have always been a solution-oriented band of folks. We have supplemented our public education system going […]