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California grooms utility giants to compete against Big Oil

SACRAMENTO (AP) — California wants more drivers to dump the pump. Under new climate change legislation Gov. Jerry Brown signed Wednesday, the most populous state in the nation is encouraging major utilities to compete as an alternative transportation fuel source by installing thousands of charging stations where people live, work and play. The new law, […]

US airman stabbed months after thwarting French train attack

SACRAMENTO — Airman 1st Class Spencer Stone, was in intensive care and expected to recover this morning after being repeatedly stabbed in what police said was an alcohol-fueled, brawl early Thursday morning in a Sacramento nightclub district. Stone was hailed as a hero after he was severely cut while helping stop a terror attack on […]

West Davis standoff ends peacefully

A stretch of Anderson Road in Davis was cordoned off Thursday night while police negotiated the surrender of an armed, suicidal man. He was apprehended without force shortly before 10:30 p.m., about 2½ hours after the incident began, Lt. Tom Waltz said. Officers transported him to an area hospital for a mental-health evaluation. Waltz said […]

Bob Dunning: Is there a way to use a negative amount of water?

WASTE NOT, WANT NOT … as if we haven’t all done enough already, the city now wants each of us to save an additional 90 gallons of water a day, which would be impossible in many households, ours included, that don’t use that much water a day to begin with … but I guess we […]

For the record

Antony J. Baldwin’s organ concert Sunday at the Episcopal Church of St. Martin will begin at 3 p.m. A story published earlier this week reported an incorrect time due to erroneous information provided to The Enterprise. The church is at 640 Hawthorn Lane in Davis. Admission is free but donations will be accepted with gratitude.

Drifters held in yoga teacher’s murder

SAN RAFAEL (AP) — GPS technology helped law officers track down three suspects in the killing of a tantra yoga teacher, who was found shot to death on a scenic California hiking trail. The three drifters were arrested Wednesday in Oregon, two days after the body of Steve Carter, 67, who had been walking his […]

State aims for surge in renewable energy

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Gov. Jerry Brown dramatically increased California’s climate-change goals, committing the state to use renewable energy for half its electricity and make existing buildings twice as energy-efficient in just 15 years. Brown tried for an even stronger measure that also would have enforced a 50 percent drop in petroleum use by 2030, […]

Bob Dunning: Only one thing could get us away from the NFL

There could well be a real-life celebrity coming soon to a party near you. And I do mean celebrity. “The annual Davis Neighbors’ Night Out is coming around again to give residents a chance to get to know one another,” said the front-pager one recent day in The Davis Enterprise. Ah yes, our annual attempt […]

Police, deputies launch manhunt in El Macero

Law-enforcement officers descended upon the El Macero neighborhood Wednesday afternoon to search for two suspects in an attempted residential burglary. No arrests were reported as of that evening as a result of the search, which began at about 3:15 p.m. when a Yolo County sheriff’s deputy interrupted the burglary attempt at an undisclosed location. The […]

Construction crew unearths prehistoric Native American bones

A set of bones unearthed earlier this week in West Sacramento are those of prehistoric Native Americans, according to the Yolo County Coroner’s Office. The find occurred Tuesday in the area of Bayside Road and Blue Rock Street in West Sacramento’s Southport neighborhood, where construction crews have been digging in preparation for new city streets […]

Three win Nobel chemistry award for work on DNA repair

STOCKHOLM (AP) — Three scientists from Sweden, the U.S. and Turkey won the Nobel Prize in chemistry on Wednesday for showing how cells repair damaged DNA, work that’s inspired the development of new cancer treatments. Swedish scientist Tomas Lindahl, American Paul Modrich and U.S.-Turkish national Aziz Sancar shared the 8 million Swedish kronor (about $960,000) […]

Russia fires missiles as Syrian troops launch ground push

DAMASCUS, Syria (AP) — Russian warships in the Caspian Sea fired cruise missiles as Syrian government troops launched a ground offensive Wednesday in central Syria, in the first major combined air-and-ground assault since Moscow began its military campaign in the country last week. The missiles, launched from a Russian flotilla in the Caspian Sea, travelled […]

Bob Dunning: No chance to win if you don’t try

PUT ME IN, COACH … I’m not paid enough to coach a college football team, but as I sat in the cheap seats at last Saturday’s two-touchdown Aggie loss to visiting Montana, there were a couple of head-scratching calls that pretty much ended any chance our local heroes had of upsetting the nationally ranked and […]

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