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Maria Cameron Esherick

Feb. 23, 1959 — Jan. 24, 2016 Maria C. Esherick passed away after a long illness on Jan. 24, 2016 at the age of 56. She is survived by the love of her life and life partner Dr. David Ostrach, her beloved dog Anika, sisters Julie and Lisa; brothers Joe and Peter; and several nieces […]

Bob Dunning: Super-sick from the Super Bowl …

So I was reading my second favorite newspaper in preparation for today’s big game when I came across a headline that said “Your Team Made the Super Bowl? Better Get a Flu Shot.” According to Austin Frakt’s piece in The New York Times, “If your home team is playing in the Super Bowl, the parties […]

Activist behind Planned Parenthood video offered probation

HOUSTON (AP) — An anti-abortion activist’s plan to reject a plea deal offering probation for charges related to making undercover Planned Parenthood videos likely means his goal is to use a trial as a public platform to criticize the nonprofit, according to legal experts. David Daleiden surrendered to authorities, posted $3,000 bond and made two […]

First research links California quakes to oil operations

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A 2005 spate of quakes in California’s Central Valley almost certainly was triggered by oilfield injection underground, a study published Thursday said in the first such link in California between oil and gas operations and earthquakes. Researchers at the University of California at Santa Cruz, the University of Southern California and […]

Bob Dunning: Dates … they’re sweeter than they look

DATES TO THE RESCUE … after I mentioned in this space yesterday that one of our town’s prominent soda tax proponents had published a recipe for a date cake with several sauces that called in total for 5½ cups of sugar, a real medical doctor commented that “micronutrients” in dates can somehow magically mitigate the […]

For the record

Ann Evans’ “Date Cake” recipe published Wednesday was missing 2½ cups of all-purpose flour from the list of ingredients. Find the complete recipe and instructions at http://www.davisenterprise.com/?p=627802.

Hearing in Davis homicide case rescheduled to May

Evidence in the case of a Los Angeles college student who was fatally stabbed in a downtown Davis bar last fall is now scheduled to be aired in a Yolo County courtroom starting May 2. Afterwards, Yolo Superior Court Judge David Rosenberg will rule whether there is sufficient evidence for co-defendants Carlos Biviescas, Martyn Contreras, […]

Officials extend drought emergency

FRESNO (AP) — State water regulators voted to extend emergency conservation measures because of a drought, even though an increase in rain and snow this winter has improved California’s snowpack. But with the drought still severe, conservations efforts fell off in December. Officials said Tuesday that residents used 18 percent less water than in December […]

Bob Dunning: How will we tell the pitchers from the belly itchers?

As much as I appreciate good sportsmanship when I see it, I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone try to legislate it. Until now. Turns out the folks at the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association are about to ban the First Amendment, at least at high school sporting events, by prohibiting the use of certain words […]

Davis apartment manager accused of stealing tenants’ identities

The manager of an East Davis apartment complex is accused of using his position to commit identity theft, using the personal information of some of the tenants he managed. William Raymond Stanley Jr., 30, was arrested last Thursday following a search of his residence at the Tuscany Villas Apartments, 2526 E. Eighth St., where Davis […]

CHP nabs attempted murder suspect during traffic stop

What began as a routine traffic stop north of Woodland this week resulted in an attempted murder suspect being taken off the streets, the California Highway Patrol reported Tuesday. Lance Bernard Jett was arrested at about 1:30 p.m. Monday after a CHP officer stopped him for speeding on Interstate 5 near County Road 95. Officer […]

Police arrest suspect in Davis rape attempt

The suspect in a Davis sexual assault attempt was taken into custody Monday night after spending more than two months at large, police said. Brandon Allan Clark, 32, is scheduled to be arraigned at 1:30 p.m. Thursday in connection with the alleged assault, which police say occurred Nov. 21 at an Olive Drive storage unit […]

Obama rethinks Afghan plan

WASHINGTON (AP) — Fifteen years into the war that few Americans talk about any more, conditions in Afghanistan are getting worse, preventing the clean ending that President Barack Obama hoped to impose before leaving office. Violence is on the rise, the Taliban are staging new offensives, the Islamic State group is angling for a foothold […]

Bob Dunning: It’s us vs. ‘them’ in the battle of the lawns

In this city famous for mandating a mistletoe-laden street tree in every front yard under penalty of death, it should be expected that all those trees eventually will drop several tons of leaves on our lawns and streets. I realize the city seems to think leaves drop only in the fall, but I have a […]

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