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Evaporation helps cool our air

Water evaporating from your lawn or trees cools their surrounding environment. The evaporation of just one gallon of water (8.3 pounds or 3.8 kg) absorbs 2,060 kcal of energy (3.8 kg x 542 kcal/kg). The specific heat of air is 0.24 kcal/kg °C, so that one gallon of water will cool 858 kg of air 10 […]

Brown is pragmatic on vaccines

“A foolish consistency,” the philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson once noted, “is the hobgoblin of little minds,” and no one has ever accused Gov. Jerry Brown of being small-minded. So why be surprised when he completely reverses himself, as he did recently on vaccinations? Less than three years ago, Brown signed into law a plan allowing parents […]

Don’t confuse global, U.S. livestock figures

By Charles Hjerpe I am writing in response to a letter to the editor by George Farmer published July 12. Farmer’s letter was in response to a commentary I had written for the June 17 edition, in which I attempted to explain why eating less beef would not make available, for alternate usage, very much […]

At the Pond: Fall migration is happening already

Want to see shorebirds? Gazillions are passing through now as fall migration has begun. Go to any areas with water for wading and you will see them — the Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area, the Woodland water treatment plant, the city of Davis wetlands, Lake Solano … Steve Hampton, a super birder, reported in mid-month seeing thousands […]

YCCC opens farm stand Monday night

Organically grown produce — tended and harvested by participants in the Yolo Community Care Continuum’s Farm-to-Mouth program — will be sold at a farm stand from 6 to 8 p.m. Monday, July 27. The stand will be at The Farmhouse, 24321 County Road 96, west of Davis. To reach the stand, head west on Covell Boulevard, […]

Obama voices support for gay rights as Africa trip nears

WASHINGTON (AP) — Ignoring calls from some African leaders to leave some of his opinions at home, President Barack Obama spoke favorably of gay rights as he prepared to visit Kenya and Ethiopia. Asked during a BBC interview about Kenyan Deputy President William Ruto, a critic of gay rights in the U.S., Obama said, “Yeah, well, […]

Greece clears final reform hurdle before new bailout talks

By Nicholas Paphitis and Menelaos Hadjicostis ATHENS (AP) — Greece’s radical left-led government survived another revolt by rebels in the early hours of Thursday, passing reforms that should pave the way for the imminent start of bailout discussions with European creditors. The reforms to the judiciary and banking systems were the final hurdle the country […]

Drought is no excuse

​Mow those weeds! Brown lawn is acceptable; tall weeds in them are illegal.​ Not good for the neighborhood image. Gale Sosnick Davis

Remember the swiftboating?

Many people, even most Republicans, are (rightfully) appalled by Donald Trump’s comments about John McCain. But do you know who else skillfully avoided serving in Vietnam and then besmirched the military service of an American hero who was a presidential candidate? That would be George W. Bush “swiftboating” John Kerry. I didn’t notice any Republicans being […]

Those dam street beavers …

By Jennifer Ann Gordon When I first moved to Davis, I wondered who or what was creating the ubiquitous mounds of vegetation in the gutters. I reasoned that it couldn’t be the residents, for who would want to have an unsightly pile of debris in front of their beautiful and well-maintained home? Finally, I deduced […]

Parents: Stop coddling your kids

Among the many wonderful memories I have of my childhood growing up in Davis, one of the more fantastic events I recall was the Civil War of 1970. Or maybe it was 1971. I am not sure. I was 6 or 7 years old, and dozens of boys — half from my neighborhood south of […]

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