Friday, August 22, 2014

Record drought saps California honey production

By Terence Chea LOS BANOS — California’s record drought hasn’t been sweet to honeybees, and it’s creating a sticky situation for beekeepers and honey buyers. The state is traditionally one of the country’s largest honey producers, with abundant crops and wildflowers that provide the nectar that bees turn into honey. But the lack of rain […]

Car Care: Teenagers not driving safe cars, study shows

Special to The Davis Enterprise Taking the driving test and earning a license is a cherished rite of passage for teenagers across the country. With their license in hand, they view the road as their gateway to independence and they eagerly look forward to what’s around the next curve. In order to do this, however, […]

Name Droppers: DHS alum named one of ’35 Innovators Under 35′

Davis High alumnus and University of Southern California engineering professor George Ban-Weiss was named one of this year’s “35 Innovators Under 35” by the MIT Technology Review. Ban-Weiss uses global and regional climate models to study the influence of aerosols and land cover change on global and regional climate for the depart. He made the list as a […]

For easy, cheap workout, try body-weight training

By Sharon Naylor You don’t need to buy expensive workout machines and weight sets to get fit. “Real, effective fitness and simple, powerful exercises need nothing but the most basic (equipment) you already have: your body,” says Phil Pierce, author of the “Bodyweight Training Handbook.” While it’s nice to have cardio machines and full […]

Try these nutrition tips to lose that weight

By Michael Goodman, M.D. “You are what you eat” applies here! Would you like to be walking around at menopause (or any time, for that matter!) 40 pounds overweight, developing ambulation difficulties due to the extra strain on your joints, with atherosclerotic plaque narrowing your blood vessels and elevated glucose levels slowly souring your kidneys, […]

Where are the Water Police?

How does one get the attention of the Water Police in Davis? After driving through large puddles every morning while on my way to my morning cup of coffee at Nugget Market near the strip mall by Acorn Veterinary Clinic and Travis Credit Union, I called the city to ask about why the need for […]

I really miss, too

Thank you to Debra DeAngelo for her recent columns on’s decision to dump its loyal email customers. As a 25-year-plus to customer, I have truly valued, knowing that if I left a question via phone or email I could always expect a courteous and comprehensible voice reply. I stress comprehensible vs. […]

Many thanks to Brooks Painting

I am writing to express my appreciation to Brooks Painting for the beautiful new exterior paint job at Davis Arts Center. We feel extremely lucky to be the recipient of the eighth annual Brooks Painting Charity Paint Giveaway! Jeremy Brooks and his crew were friendly, professional and efficient throughout the process — even when dealing with […]

Will you help serve Davis’ senior citizens?

By Margot Loschke Senior Citizens of Davis Inc. is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) nonprofit public benefit corporation. Its mission is to support the Davis Senior Center and its participants. SCD partners with the city of Davis to identify those projects that will benefit the Davis Senior Center. SCD advocates on behalf of the Senior Center as […]

Frank Bruni: The trouble with tenure

DENVER — Mike Johnston’s mother was a public-school teacher. So were her mother and father. And his godfather taught in both public and private schools. So when he expresses the concern that we’re not getting the best teachers into classrooms or weeding out the worst performers, it’s not as someone who sees the profession from […]

Support water bond in November

Voters need to support the water bond recently passed by the California Legislature and signed by Gov. Jerry Brown. No, it is not perfect, because there are still those who refuse to admit that building water storage is a common-sense approach to the water issues of this state. Without additional storage and less or no […]

Relay for Life team says thanks

Thank you to everyone for all the support with the American Cancer Society’s 2014 Relay for Life earlier this month. The event raised more than $25,000 for the American Cancer Society. Thank you especially for the support to our team, Walk Around the Clock. With your support, team Walk Around the Clock raised more than $7,300! […]