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UCD’s new process: ‘A perfect use of recycled water’

Continued drought conditions in California have prompted many clever minds to think about how best to use one of our most precious resources: water. Thanks to some ingenuity and $20,000, UC Davis has just begun using clean wastewater to cool its buildings. UCD, with its own campus wastewater plant, has a steady supply of recycled […]

Don’t blame Dirk Brazil

Once again, Rich Rifkin ignores facts to chastise his “victim du jour.” Last Wednesday’s edition focused on Davis City Manager Dirk Brazil, and Rifkin blames Brazil for continuing two decades of “crushing fiscal crisis.” First, I’m surprised that Rifkin isn’t aware that the city manager is not the final voice, in fact he/she doesn’t have […]

School board did the right thing

I applaud the school board’s recent decision on ending private testing for the AIM program. As a retired math teacher (Holmes Junior High and Davis High School), I had so many students identified as GATE who had difficulty when they were placed in accelerated math. They may have been specially talented in language arts or art, […]

Kudos to our firefighters

I would like to express my sincerest thanks to our South Davis firefighters and paramedics. Far too many times in the past year, they made visits to my parents’ house in El Macero to do wellness checks on my father or to provide a ride to the emergency room. These firefighters and paramedics were incredible […]

Let’s stop drawing lines between children

By Jill Van Zanten I would like to applaud the Davis school board’s recent decision to eliminate private-pay testing as an avenue into our district’s AIM/GATE (gifted) program and to shift resources toward ensuring rigor and differentiation in all classrooms across the district. Some writers to this paper have implied that our neighborhood school teachers […]

UC Davis-China connection grows

UC Davis has a number of vital collaborations with university and industry partners in China, and the recent U.S.-China University Presidents Roundtable in Houston provided opportunities to pursue more mutually beneficial alliances. The one-day event, bringing together 50 university leaders from the United States and China, was co-sponsored by Rice University and the China Scholarship […]

Vaccine bill clears major legislative hurdle

By Julia Horowitz SACRAMENTO (AP) — California’s Assembly on Thursday approved a hotly contested bill requiring that nearly all public schoolchildren be vaccinated, clearing one of its last major legislative obstacles before the measure heads to the desk of Gov. Jerry Brown. The bill aims to increase immunization rates after a measles outbreak linked to Disneyland in […]

Name droppers: Davis poet wins Book Awards honor

The 34th annual Northern California Book Awards selected “Small Disasters Seen in Sunlight,” the latest collection from local poet Julia B. Levine, as the winner of this year’s competition in the poetry category. Published by Louisiana State University Press to inaugurate the Barataria Poetry Series, this is Levine’s fourth full-length collection. Past winners of this […]

California’s wildflowers losing diversity in warmer, drier winters

Native wildflowers in California are losing species diversity after multiple years of drier winters, according to a study from UC Davis, which provides the first direct evidence of climate change impacts in the state’s grassland communities. The study, published Monday in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, is based on 15 years […]

More will, more resources

At last Thursday’s school board meeting, there were quite a number of public comments regarding the board’s June 4 decision to mainstream more students who would have been AIM-identified under the old system of public and private-pay testing and re-testing, while increasing support for differentiated classroom teaching for the learning styles and strengths of all […]

Quinn’s loss means much is lost

In not renewing Deanne Quinn’s contract, roughly $77,000 for this part-time coordinator, her part-time secretary, universal third-grade testing, and the SAT-score-raising vocabulary books, may I say that the administration and pro-vote Board of Education have cost the students for whom they are responsible more than these adults comprehend? Every year, many of us GATE teachers consulted […]

Please meet our kids’ needs

I am writing to express my dissatisfaction with the Davis school board’s vote on June 18 not to renew Deanne Quinn’s contract. Quinn has been an employee of the school district for two decades and a widely respected administrator of the AIM/GATE program in Davis. I see this as another step in the board’s unwise […]

Board action ignores students’ special needs

By Debbie Nichols Poulos The Davis Board of Education’s recent actions to dismantle the AIM program demonstrate a gross misunderstanding of GATE-identified students and their educational needs. I can’t help but see these students as sacrificial lambs on the altar at which some board members want to kneel. Contrary to what several board members seem […]

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