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Sanders will protect our planet

As the electioneering heats up for the 2016 presidential race, it is time to ask of the two major Democratic candidates, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, “Which one really cares the most about the state of the Earth?” Yes, there are many vital issues facing all of us, but there is only one planet for […]

Solar billing education important

Tanya Perez was shocked by the true-up charges assessed by PG&E for electrical use subsequent to having solar panels installed on her roof. It is unfortunate that this happened but I suspect she may not have been properly informed as to PG&E’s billing process. I recently had solar installed and was told by my solar […]

Don’t miss troupe’s visit

Lucky us! The San Francisco Mime Troupe is coming to Davis with its new show, “Freedomland.” This amazing group does not do silent pantomime and, as the members explain on their website, they mean “mime” in the ancient sense: to mimic. They talk, they sing, they make a lot of noise. They also make you laugh and […]

Wood chips are a great solution

So far I have seen little mention of the use of wood chips as a replacement save for one opinion: that when rains come, the chips will wash into the gutter. Thirty-five years of experience have taught me otherwise. With wood chips, there is no sun-baked soil, no need for heat-absorbing dry washes or boulders, […]

Froma Harrop: Heroism, American-style

Every country has its heroes, but something in America’s cultural sauce makes for a unique and unusually effective variety. The ingredient would be improvisation — the ability to perform without preparation, using whatever is at hand to complete the task. As most of the world knows, Spencer Stone, Alek Skarlatos and Anthony Sadler — three pals on […]

UCD recognized again as one of nation’s best universities

Those of us who work and study at UC Davis are well aware of the outstanding university we have built up over more than a century of achievement, but it is always gratifying to see others who watch the field of higher education closely acknowledge our excellence in national and international rankings. That’s why I […]

Get real on the potential of renewables

By Greg Stovall After reading columnist Froma Harrop’s meanderings on The Enterprise Forum page regarding the “retirement party for coal,” I just shook my head. After checking her bio, trying to ascertain any technical background, I came away with the impression she was just the usual hack “journalist.” Her global warming screed covered all the […]

What you should know about monarchs (the Davis version)

By Art Shapiro Jean Jackman’s column in Sunday’s edition of The Davis Enterprise talked about the monarch butterfly and its reported problems. Jean was writing from her holiday in the Midwest, and like most of what you read or hear in the mass media, her remarks were based on what is supposedly known about the […]

Lines blur further between citizens, non-citizens

Almost no one seemed to notice earlier this summer, when California’s new budget took effect, that yet another distinction between citizens and non-citizens was breached. Voting now is about the only area left with a clear line between legal immigrants and citizens. Even for the undocumented, there are few privileges or rights they can’t now […]

Froma Harrop: Sticking up for Coke, sort of

Champions of righteous eating have been saying terrible things of late about Coke. They’re now focusing their wrath on a corporate campaign to place Coca-Cola in the context of a healthy diet. A New York Times editorial accuses Coke and other beverage-makers of forming “innocent-sounding front groups to spread the message that sugary sodas have […]

Five ways to guide your family to better health

Special to The Enterprise According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, your zip code is a greater predictor of your health than your genetic code. It not only impacts access to healthy foods, but also your ability to stay active. While it may be difficult to believe, millions living in underserved communities struggle […]

Minimally invasive procedure solves problem of misaligned foot

By Dr. Tracy Ferragamo, DPM Special to The Enterprise A misaligned foot can affect the entire body. This under-treated, yet common condition is seen in people of all ages throughout the world. Most people are unaware of the impact proper foot alignment has on quality of life. Feet serve as the foundation to our body. Years […]

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