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Laboring away with the jerk

Dear Annie: My co-worker, “Carl,” has been at his job for 8 years. I’ve been here for 10. We’ve never been friends, but that hasn’t really mattered until now. Recently, Carl and I were put together on a team. It turns out, he is one of the most uncaring, egotistical, self-centered, small-minded individuals with whom […]

Are we there yet? Constant contact might not be helicoptering

Recently my husband, S, told me about a study he’d read that gave a pretty high percentage of college students who say they are in daily contact with their parents. The study presented a negative perspective, as in, “Look how horrible it is that parents won’t let their kids develop into adults without trying to […]

There are ‘Better Days’ ahead, starting next weekend

Here’s something to be thankful for: You don’t have ALS. Every day that you can wake up and say that, consider yourself fortunate. There are many — too many — who can’t. About 30,000 in the U.S. alone. One of them is local songstress and ALS awareness advocate Cathy Speck, and although ALS saps more of her […]

Prostate-cancer screening down after new guidance

CHICAGO (AP) — Far fewer U.S. men are being diagnosed with early-stage prostate cancer and getting blood tests to detect the disease since an influential government-appointed panel recommended against routine screening of all men, an American Cancer Society study found. A big question remains: Did that shift have any effect on death rates from prostate […]

Learn international folk dancing at Arts Center

The Davis Arts Center offers an ongoing class in traditional ethnic dance from around the world on Sundays from 7 to 9 p.m. The basic format of the class is simple: warm-up dances followed by instruction and practice of newer, more challenging dances. The class is suitable for beginning through advanced students. After class, dancing […]

Gear up for Thanksgiving at Farmers Market

Shoppers can stock up on everything they need for their Thanksgiving tables — except the turkey — at the Davis Farmers Market’s pre-Thanksgiving market on Wednesday, Nov. 25, from noon to 6 p.m. in Central Park, Fourth and C streets in Davis.  More than 60 farmers, bakers and crafters will fill the market with local organic and conventionally grown fall […]

Doesn’t want the help

Dear Annie: My friend, “Andrea,” is in her early 20s and concerned about her mother, “Joan.” Joan has been diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, and she has abused prescription and other drugs for as long as Andrea can remember. A few years ago, Joan was put on disability due to a work accident. She […]

The plane to Paris leaves in five days

In spring 1986 my husband and I were scheduled for a great trip: 10 days in Paris partially paid for by a business connection. My parents agreed to care for our toddlers, so we were free to go. My best friends from graduate school, a married American couple, lived in Paris and I looked forward […]

The dark, wee hours are when you connect the dots of disaster

* Editor’s note: Debra is taking the week off. This column first ran in October 2011 When that internal switch flips inside my brain at promptly 3 a.m. most every morning, and all my cerebral circuits come roaring online, I’m jolted wide awake and falling back asleep is just silliness. So, I make use of […]

Davis Democratic Club plans holiday party

The Davis Democratic Club sends all Davis and Yolo County Democrats an invitation to its annual holiday party on Sunday, Dec. 6, from 6 to 9 p.m. at International House, 10 College Park, in Davis. This event is an opportunity to exchange holiday greetings with fellow Democrats and with many of the Democrats representing us in […]

Golf tournament helps kids

Soroptimist International of Greater Davis held its 21st annual Charity Golf Tournament in July. Grace Starkovich, club president and tournament co-chair, and Wanda Winton, president-elect and tournament co-chair, presented Cameron Handley, director of the Multi-Disciplinary Interview Center, with a check for $6,720. The MDIC is one of many nonprofits and charities that benefits from the […]

The gift of information

The announcement that The Enterprise will reduce print publication to three days per week beginning in January is distressing, but understandable in today’s highly competitive news periodical environment. Newspapers and other traditional print and broadcast news media outlets everywhere face tough competition, principally from online interactive social media and bloggers. Young people rely primarily on the […]

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