Tuesday, April 15, 2014

12 for $40: Good grains offer nutrition and bang for your buck

When you’re trying to cook on a budget, it’s easy to fill up on starches — they’re inexpensive and satisfying, don’t take much work to cook and keep in the pantry. They are not, however, the best dietary choice. They’re also not quite the bargain they seem, since the nutritional value of refined carbohydrates (think […]

Are we there yet?: Self-reflections of a would-be stage mom

I’ve recently had to evaluate my, ahem, above-average interest in my son’s garage band and ask myself the hard question: Am I a stage mom? A quick Google search of “stage mom” gave a glimpse of shudder-worthy listings: “15 Signs You Might Be a Stage Mom,” from Backstage.com, which included images of Voldemort and words […]

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What’s happening for youths

Wednesday The community is invited to a free concert by the Davis High School Madrigal Singers and the Advanced Treble Choir performing the repertoire from their recent musical tour in New York City. The concert will begin at 7 p.m. at the Brunelle Performance Hall at DHS, 315 W. 14th St. The two choirs were […]

This little light of mine

Light. It’s something most children in Davis take for granted. With the flick of a switch, their bedrooms are illuminated, making it possible to do homework, read a book or play after dark. It’s clean, it’s safe and it’s oh-so-easy to come by, thanks to electricity. But for children living off the grid, light is […]

Citrus Circuits wraps up regionals, heads to world championships

The Citrus Circuits robotics team traveled to their third regional competition this season, the Silicon Valley Regional, which took place April 3-5 at San Jose State University. Despite tough competition, Team 1678 Citrus Circuits were finalists in an alliance with Team 368 Kika Mana and Team 4171 BayBots, but lost to the alliance of Team […]

Back, and bigger than ever

The Akram Khan Company returns with a large and ambitious new work titled “iTMOi” — In The Mind of Igor — a tip of the hat to composer Igor Stravinsky and his famous score “The Rite of Spring.” The Mondavi performance will be the work’s American premiere, and its only West Coast appearance this season. […]

Face-to-face experience

Students pass by a series of 3-by-4-foot portraits exhibited in a collage format on the side of the Social Sciences Building at UC Davis. The collage, titled “Davis Inside Out,” is designed to depict the diversity and passion of Davis. It will remain up through Sunday, April 20. Fred Gladdis/Enterprise photo PortraitsW

A milestone made very special

Our daughter is terrified of needles, we all dread the fall flu shot season every year (but still do it and have ice cream afterwards). For her 13th birthday, we gave her birthstone earrings and our permission to have her ears pierced. This is something she has both looked forward to in anticipation and has […]

City needs to set priorities

If the city cannot fix potholes in the sun between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m., I’d be hard-pressed to believe it can repair a blown-out transformer at 3 a.m. in the driving rain. Put the money for the study into pothole repair and let the people who know how maintain and repair the gas/electrical infrastructure. […]

Nursery funds no longer available

EMQ FamiliesFirst’s staff and board recognize that the Yolo Crisis Nursery is an important service to children and families in Yolo County; nevertheless, as is the case for all nonprofits, there are many programs that require support from a limited pool of charitable dollars, and EMQ FamiliesFirst can no longer run this program at its […]

Nicholas Kristof: Her first, and last, book

Two years ago, Marina Keegan’s life brimmed with promise. She was graduating with high honors from Yale University, already a precocious writer about to take up a job at The New Yorker. She had a play that was about to be produced. She had sparked a national conversation about whether graduates should seek meaning or […]

A lifesaver, not a lifestyle

By Thomas E. Perez Of all the challenges I face as the nation’s labor secretary, this is the one that keeps me up at night: long-term unemployment. In my travels, people have shared heartbreaking stories about being out of work for six months, one year, even longer. There’s no single “face” of this crisis. Some […]

Art benches will line urban nature trail

Jeremy Criswell and Elro Marshall work on the frame for a butterfly art bench that will be placed along the Putah Creek Parkway in South Davis. It is one of four benches built with ferro cement with mosaic added, reflecting the natural elements along the urban nature trail and providing places where walkers can pause, sit […]