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Animals just want to live, too

It was terribly shocking and upsetting to read “New Dixon Facility Raises Hopes for Lamb Industry” on the front page of The Enterprise! As if slaughtering infant sentient beings is something to raise hopes over. I had no idea that Dixon had a lamb-slaughtering facility. Very shocking and upsetting that humans can be so heartless and […]

Is Davis really a safe sanctuary?

By David Krueger Davis is such a special place. In fact, it’s so special my wife and I aggressively campaigned for my father to move here from Fresno, because Fresno was becoming increasingly unsafe. Seven years ago he agreed to leave Fresno, starting over in Davis, the safer alternative. At 77 years old in 2008, […]

All roads lead to California

California vehicle and fuel policies shape U.S., global priorities By F. Noel Perry and Gustavo Collantes   With the state working to expand its landmark energy and climate efforts beyond 2020 and considering a policy to cut oil use by 50 percent by 2030, understanding the successes and challenges of California’s current innovative policies to […]

Fifth Street traffic a concern

We’ve lived in Davis only two years and appreciate why so many of us consider this city special. It’s the people and the environment these people have created, inherited and tended. We lived in and around San Jose, tolerating tangible decade-to-decade increases in congestion, noise, air pollution and myriad assaults on tranquility. Ever have a 1½-hour […]

Hotel approval process criticized

Regarding the City Council’s approval of the Richards Boulevard hotel/conference center: Councilwoman Rochelle Swanson, trying to rationalize hasty approval of the hotel/conference center, was quoted as saying, “We tend to do this. We have everything lined up, but wait, but wait, but wait.” Rochelle can’t wait? How would she do crossing a street busy with traffic? Would […]

Adopt a low-violence diet

I am writing in response to the letter to the editor describing the “cruel” treatment of plants in comparison to animals. When people make this argument, they seem to forget that they, too, eat plants. Therefore, not only are they eating and “harming” plants, they are also harming the animals and the crops grown to […]

Make sustainable food choices

The Davis High School lambs are long gone, whisked away to the Yolo County Fair. By now they may be among the 1,400 lambs that Superior Farms will kill at  its expanded Dixon slaughterhouse. If they kill 24 hours a day, that’s about one lamb per minute. The Davis High lambs spent weeks in tiny, […]

Sign up for elementary music

This coming week, elementary parents of fourth-, fifth- and sixth-graders can enroll their child in the school elementary music program. All that is required is that first-year students and parents attend one of the parent meetings. For strings players, those meetings are held at Patwin Elementary, 2222 Shasta Drive, at 7:30 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 3 […]

How to solve the traffic jam on Richards Boulevard

Last week, the Davis City Council approved a giant hotel project on Richards Boulevard. Much of the discussion focused on how this development might add to the traffic problems leading into downtown Davis. Whether it will make matters much worse is debatable. What is not is the fact that we already have bad congestion through that underpass […]

Keeping the sabbath can get costly

Dear Annie: My son, who is 18, finally has a girlfriend. Even though she is a year older, they are only children. Both are attending college, working toward their associate’s degrees. My son has a part-time construction job, and because it’s seasonal, he sometimes has to work weekends. His girlfriend doesn’t have a job but […]

Folder of correspondence strikes to the heart

* Editor’s note: Marion is on vacation. This column first ran in January 2006. This column contains a warning, although I don’t know exactly what my advice to you should be. Maybe I just need to recount what happened five days after my dad’s death, and if I omit some details, you’ll understand why. My […]

Trump isn’t really about Trump — it‘s about who’s supporting him, and why

Ignore Donald Trump at your own peril. Mika Brzezinski, co-anchor of the “Morning Joe” show, said this from the beginning and everyone laughed. Not long after Trump announced his candidacy amid a media hootenanny, Sam Stein, senior politics editor for the Huffington Post, sat across from Brzezinski and smirked that all news about Trump henceforth […]

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