Sunday, March 1, 2015

One more family insult

Dear Annie: My husband’s sister controlled his mother’s finances. “Carol” paid the nursing home with her mother’s credit card and gained reward points, which she used for vacations while Mom was still alive. My husband was the one who handled doctor visits, brought Mom to our home for dinner and did all of the necessary […]

A new perspective on life

Dear Annie: I was diagnosed with kidney disease as a child and started dialysis at age 11. Because I didn’t think I would live to adulthood, I adopted the philosophy of living each day like it was my last. In 2013, when I saw an ad for the National Kidney Foundation’s Kidney Walk, I figured […]

Tired of all of this

Dear Annie: I’ve been married to “Lily” for 15 years, and we have two teenagers. We’ve built a good life. But Lily is an unhappy person. And while I’ve not been an angel, she never acknowledges that her unhappiness contributes to our problems. She walks around with a chip on her shoulder. Lily is a […]

New couple needs boundaries

Dear Annie: I am currently in a two-year relationship with “Alison.” Both of us are recently divorced. During Alison’s marriage, she became a confidante to “Will.” They have remained friends, and she insists nothing of a sexual nature ever happened. When we first got together, Will was in a new relationship and had limited contact […]

What can I do to help?

Dear Annie: One of my classmates has Asperger syndrome. He often says and does things that are obnoxious and sometimes downright threatening. I understand that his behavior is a result of his Asperger’s, but it doesn’t make it any easier to deal with. When I ask my friends what to do, they say it’s not […]

Little Oedipus doesn’t stand a chance

Dear Annie: I am concerned about my grandson’s well-being. My daughter has always had “cuddle time” with “Joey.” It was OK when he was little, but now that he is turning 7, it seems worse. Now she is talking about getting him a new bedroom set that will be big enough for the both of […]

Remarkably self-aware denial

Dear Annie: I am a healthy 50-years-young woman in the midst of menopause. I also have been diagnosed as mentally ill with depression. I refuse to seek treatment. I come from a culture where the shame of admitting a mental illness is a fate worse than death. So I sleep a lot. I have a […]

He’s just having a good time

Dear Annie: I’m in my early 50s, single again after a long 20-year relationship that should have ended sooner. A year ago, I met a guy I really like, and we’ve been seeing each other seriously since. “Bill” has about a dozen close female friends. He does things like buy them bras and brags that […]

And the cat‘s in the cradle …

Dear Annie: I have been married to “Bob” for 11 years. Once we had our son, “Jack,” everything changed. Bob found excuses not to be home, worked all kinds of overtime or had to “go somewhere.” I can count on one hand the times he did anything with Jack or was even home on a […]

Back on the waiting list

Dear Annie: Please help me bring awareness and education about organ donation. There are thousands of people waiting for a transplant and hundreds of others awaiting replacement of a previously transplanted organ. Many organ recipients outlive the longevity of their transplant. Please tell your readers that living organ donors offer better longevity than organs from […]

It’s no party with her around

Dear Annie: My wife’s sister is 21, lives with her parents and has extremely violent long-lasting outbursts that culminate in her being verbally and physically abusive. “Mindy” tells everyone she is suicidal, although she has never made any attempt to harm herself. She obviously has deep psychological issues, yet absolutely refuses treatment. At our last […]

Truth about the tooth

Dear Annie: Can you tell me whether this is a scam? Dentists are now telling seniors that their old fillings need to be replaced. My dentist told me this, and I’ve never had a bit of trouble with my fillings or teeth. I said I won’t replace them until they bother me. I was also […]

Old drama creates new heartache

Dear Annie: Our daughter and her husband have two young children. Over the years, we have been very close to our grandsons. We recently found out that our daughter has started a relationship with my son from a first marriage. Forty years ago, I gave up this son for adoption when he was 4 years […]

His worst fear, come true?

Dear Annie: My wife and I have been married for 19 years. I have been faithful the entire time, and I would like to think she has been, as well. There have been a few times when she has come home extremely late after going out with “the girls,” and she sometimes comes home an […]