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Youth roundup: Golfers Trask, Green win divisions at Teal Bend

A pair of young Davis golfers, Alessandra Trask and Madison Green, each took first in their respective divisions at Tuesday’s Drive Chip and Putt Championship qualifying tournament at Teal Bend Golf Course in Sacramento. The 8-year-old Trask overcame a tough start in the drive portion, improved in chipping to take third, then clinched her overall […]

Ready, fire, AIM

Education is the pride of this community, and indeed its lifeblood. Our community is exceptional for its commitment to its young minds. It offers a diversity of educational programs found hardly anywhere else, in a state where education is chronically underfunded and underperforming. As part of that diversity, it offers a program for GATE-identified kids […]

Brazil is good for our city

Last week’s column by Rich Rifkin left me puzzled. The column concluded that our new city manager was not providing adequate leadership. Earlier this year, I undertook a study of the city organization. My conclusion was much different. I found that Dirk Brazil was continuing to be quite financially conservative as was the prior administration. […]

Why are American schools slowing down so many bright children?

By Jay Mathews Vicki Schulkin, a northern Virginia parent, knew her son Matt was bright but did not think this was a problem until some of his teachers began to bristle at the erratic working habits that sometimes accompany intellectual gifts. “In fourth grade, his English teacher told me early in the semester that he […]

Lawn replacement is a mixed bag

Listen to water officials — from Gov. Jerry Brown down to local officials — and you’d think replacing lawns with drought-resistant plants or artificial turf is a pure good, no negatives involved. They know lawn replacement, often called “xeriscaping” because it can use cactuses and other desert plants, generally leads to at least a 30 […]

Traffic safety must be a priority

I’ve heard a lot about the argument around town recently — bikes vs. cars. I don’t care about that. I’ve seen plenty of both do terrible things on the road. But it all has to stop. Yesterday, as I was biking to work, a car didn’t stop turning right onto F Street and almost hit […]

Please fix the sidewalks!

Recently I took a full body slam on the sidewalks of Davis … again. I am an octogenarian and walking is my preferred form of exercise. I walk to the Farmers Market, the Senior Center, the grocery store, the post office and downtown, but I am finding the shift in the sections of sidewalk to […]

What does economic development mean to you?

Economic development. It’s a term that we hear a lot. The trouble is it can be really tough to tell what it means. As it becomes an increasing focus of conversation in and around Davis, it is more important than ever to work from a common definition, and to examine the respective interpretations and meanings […]

Costly housing is a huge crisis

In the Los Angeles area, fewer than one in four households headed by people in their 20s or early 30s — known demographically as “millennials” — can afford to buy the median-priced home, which now goes for just over $500,000. Overall, just 34 percent of households in the L.A. metropolitan area can afford that same home. Which means […]

We need racism control

I was angered and outraged by the killing of nine people at a Bible study at a church in Charleston, S.C. Then the response of the victims’ relatives moved me to tears. In spite of their anger and devastation by their grave loss, they forgave the white killer and prayed to God to have mercy upon […]

Trackside Center neighbors want a voice

* Editor’s note: The following is an open letter to Trackside LLC Partners from the Old East Davis Neighborhood Association board of directors. By Rhonda Reed, Mark Grote, Alan Miller, Cathy Forkas and Steve Kaltenbach We received your email requesting to meet with the Old East Davis Neighborhood Association about the proposed Trackside Center project. […]

Davis city manager fails to lead

Next week, Dirk Brazil will mark the start of his ninth month on the job as the Davis city manager. Sadly, there is already good reason to think that our City Council made the wrong choice in picking Brazil to replace Steve Pinkerton. The crushing fiscal crisis in the city of Davis is with its […]

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