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Aggies release men’s hoops schedule

Three games against NCAA Tournament teams, a double dose of Causeway Classics and 15 exciting home contests highlight the 2015-16 UC Davis men’s basketball schedule, announced Thursday by head coach Jim Les. It’s a challenging slate for the defending Big West Conference regular-season champion Aggies, who made the NIT, the program’s first trip to the […]

Plants want to live, too

I am amused by those who speak out about those who eat meat, fish and poultry. Some take the position that preparing an animal for food is cruel. I wonder if they think the pulling of a carrot from it’s resting place in the warm comfort of the soil in which it has grown, or […]

Lamb criticism misses the mark

By Todd Donaldson I read the article about the expansion and more humane upgrades to the lamb processing plant in Dixon. I also read the two letters to the editor on Sunday, one by Lindsay Rubin, and one by Avital van Leeuwen, and I disagree with their statements. Meat production, and in particular the lamb […]

This Navy veteran backs Iran deal

By Andrea Marr On two of my three Navy deployments to the Persian Gulf, I stood watch on the bridge of USS Princeton. I was the officer of the deck, charged with maintaining the safety and navigation of the ship. Everyone on the bridge, from the lowliest seaman to the senior officers, was trained to […]

This is a big change

Thank you for your recent coverage of the Mace Innovation Park that is proposed for development on 200 acres adjacent to the Mace Curve. It was a real surprise to your readers and the many Davis residents that have attended the developer sponsored meetings around Davis that a housing element is now part of the […]

Don’t rush General Plan change

The city is proposing to annex land for over 20 years’ worth of growth for Davis… i.e. negating Measure R growth limits for a generation. This is a massive change to the city’s General Plan, a plan that reflects a consensus that citizens invested thousands of hours to review, discuss, compromise on. Yet this hard-won […]

Not enough time for review

On Aug. 13 the city of Davis issued a draft EIR for the Mace Ranch Innovation Center project for a public comment period that will end on Sept. 28; 47 days. This document is comprised of four volumes and 13 appendices, containing more than 4,000 pages.  It will not be possible to achieve a proper public review […]

Substitutes starting over

Last year, the Davis Joint Unified School District adopted a new salary schedule for substitute teachers, prompted by the need to hire more qualified subs. Indeed, many times during the school year last year, school secretaries were scrambling to fill teacher vacancies, sometimes deploying principals and vice principals to fill in gaps in classrooms. The […]

‘Conversations’ go two ways

I read the recent editorial by Deborah DeAngelo in Sundays Enterprise. I’ve heard about the police shootings, riots, etc. If Dangelo and others want to discuss race, fine then lets discuss it. I offer the following thoughts: * If a Caucasian were to wear a T-shirt displaying “white lives matter”, would the reader be OK with this? […]

Don’t go overboard to kill lawns

By Mark Rollins In a recent opinion piece in The Enterprise, a hydrogeologist and a hydrogeology professor contended that our deep aquifers have been dropping too fast for comfort since 2005. It is not clear if that will continue, even though they call it a “clear groundwater overdraft problem.” It is explained in the piece […]

Our government at work

I just returned from a week’s trip to Washington, D.C., to lobby with others on behalf of small business for specific pending legislation. On Capitol Hill, I visited the offices of Rep. John Garamendi and Sens. Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein. The city of Washington always inspires me with its stunning layout, architectural beauty, and the […]

Rethink large waste containers

I think it’s time for the Davis City Council to reconsider its plan for large containers for yard waste. It’s only mid-August and I see huge piles of waste all around town. I can’t imagine a container large enough for some of these piles. If the intent of this decision was bicycle safety and unsightliness, […]

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