Friday, March 27, 2015

Answers on the green waste program

By Dirk Brazil As you may have heard, the city of Davis is considering a proposal to modify the current system of collecting yard waste loose in the street to a hybrid system which includes yard waste piles and an organics cart for yard waste and food. This will allow the city to collect food […]

Survey not representative

Yesterday’s article “City survey: Most Davisites on board with yard waste bins” was totally in error. I have no training in statistical sampling, but even I can see the huge problem here. If you have a random sample of 300-odd from a population of 50,000 (Davis residents over 18) then you can draw conclusions with a […]

Some ‘survey’ …

I would like to draw attention to a number of serious problems raised by the recent article, “City survey: Most OK with yard waste bins.” First of all, there is no evidence whatsoever in the article that the group of people involved represents a true cross-section of the folks of Davis. Absent that, this “city” […]

These results were meaningless

Perhaps “most” Davis residents are “OK” with yard waste bins. But Tuesday’s front-page story gives us no reason to believe that. To assess whether a sample was adequate and to estimate a survey’s margin of error, one needs to know the survey’s design. But this “survey” isn’t really a survey in any valid statistical sense, […]

Decision-makers got it right

If no Community Facilities District were formed for The Cannery: * The cost of infrastructure would be added to the cost of the house, forcing the homeowner to pay for all 30 years’ worth of their share of infrastructure costs, even if they only stay there five years. * The Cannery developer would: a) phase in over time […]

City comes up short on CFD

Rich Rifkin, in his Thursday column, supports the community finance district for The Cannery project because of the assertion that the cost of homes would be discounted commensurate with the additional tax imposed.  In his words, buying a $645,000 house with no CFD or buying a $600,000 house with a CFD results in the same cost to the homeowner.  […]

Joe Nocera: The hidden talent of Steve Jobs

By Joe Nocera The relationship between journalists and Steve Jobs could often be fraught, but there were always a handful of reporters he liked and trusted. They included John Markoff of The New York Times; Steven Levy, formerly of Wired magazine (he’s now at Medium); Walt Mossberg, the longtime technology columnist for The Wall Street […]

‘I’m not racist, but …’

By Charity Peets It’s always frustrating when someone begins a sentence with “I’m not racist but …” because it is immediately apparent that they’re likely about to say something racist. Oddly, the person is hoping for a dismissal of this label simply because he prefaced his statement with an “I’m not” whatever his comment suggests. This happens with […]

Robotics team leads alliance to Central Valley Regional win

Watch the action What: FIRST Robotics Competition Sacramento Regional competition, featuring teams from across California as well as from Texas and Alaska When: Thursday, 8 a.m.-6 p.m., robot testing and inspection; Friday, 9 a.m.-4:30 p.m., opening ceremonies and qualifying matches; Saturday, 9 a.m.-3 p.m., matches, awards and closing ceremonies Where: UC Davis ARC Pavilion Admission: […]

City makes swim safety more accessible with scholarships

By Emma Finklang Drowning is the second leading cause of unintentional death for children under the age of 14, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In response to statistics like this, the city of Davis is offering full scholarships for children’s swim lessons for the first time ever this year. The city […]

DHS students receive science honors

Two juniors from Davis High School were honored for their scientific contributions at the 2015 Synopsys Sacramento Regional Science & Engineering Fair held at Folsom High School over the weekend. The event is one of the largest and most prestigious regional science fairs in California. Jimmy Zhou, left, received an award for Outstanding Achievement for Ability and Creativity […]