Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Baseball roundup: Cats fall before home opener

LAS VEGAS, Nev. — A five-run eighth inning, aided by two Sacramento errors, helped Las Vegas defeat the River Cats, 6-5, in the final game of a season-opening road trip for the Cats. Michael Taylor hit an early home run and Sacramento was up 5-1 heading into the bottom of the eighth inning. After a […]

Sports briefs: Devils swimmers ride a fantastic freshman quartet

The Davis High girls swim team found its version of the Fab Five on Thursday at Wackford Pool in Elk Grove as a quintet of freshmen led the Blue Devils to a 120-50 win over Laguna Creek. DHS’ boys also got a big victory, topping the Cardinals, 103-67. “On the girls side, Clarie McElhern, Nikki […]

Husband keeps wife in the dark

Dear Annie: When my husband and I married, we said vows that included “for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health,” until death. I am now 65, and my husband and I are both retired. We have money, but my husband does not want to give me any for any reason, including gas and […]

Clock stops running but mystery goes on

My father liked to name things. Our cars had names like Vinnie and Eric. Our second home had a name, Shoestring. Even our clocks had names, something that seemed perfectly normal to me at the time. “The Witch,” a table clock with a rotating pendulum, got her name because she was a pain to keep […]

Some proactive steps to take when Mercury goes retrograde

Gotten in any great arguments lately? Sent a scathing email? Unfriended people on Facebook like flicking off fleas? Or maybe your computer crashed, or your cell phone got glitchy, or a little computer gizmo in your car just went belly up and will cost $500 to replace? Blame Mercury. Well, some of us do. Meanwhile, […]

Why juice fasting is more than just a fad

By Aimee Kuvadia Joe Cross had a choice: Get healthy or die. “I’m 41. I’m fat. And I’m sick,” the Australian native humbly admits in his 2010 aptly named documentary, “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead.” “You don’t have to be Einstein to figure out what’s next.” For more than 20 years, Cross was the archetypal […]

Ford Fiesta turns on the party

Small cars are not boring — that’s what you’ll conclude when you drive the Ford Fiesta ST. It’s quick and fun, and can outhandle many so-called sports cars. And it does this while keeping everything affordable. The Fiesta ST was first launched in Europe in 2005 and now it arrives in the U.S., with Ford […]

Sharks slip past Winnipeg

SAN JOSE — Joe Pavelski scored his 19th goal in the past 21 games and Alex Stalock made 20 saves in his second straight shutout to help the San Jose Sharks beat Winnipeg, 1-0, on Thursday night, handing Paul Maurice his first loss in five games as coach of the Jets. Pavelski snapped a scoreless […]

Speaker finally takes the gloves off

The issue: Hard-right groups get a long-overdue rebuke from Boehner Finally, House Speaker John Boehner has stood up against hard-right groups, many of them financial backers of the tea party, who seem less interested in taking on the Democrats than thwarting the speaker’s agenda and purging Congress of Republicans of members they consider too willing […]

Teachers want a 5% raise

Seriously, if the Yolo County Office of Education had actually offered the Yolo Education Association a 5 percent raise straight across the board, it would have readily been accepted by the teachers. Clearly, there are items that need to be clarified. First, and foremost, it must be understood that a one-time bonus is not a […]

Water letter doesn’t add up

I recently received an important letter from the city of Davis saying I use “1,097 gallons of water a day” and that the “average household uses 385 gpd.” The report was based on the “average one-person home, on a similar-sized property, in Davis.” An efficient household uses 162 gpd. First, my very important letter was addressed […]

E-cigarettes are a gateway drug

By Donald Bucklin About a year ago, I was surprised to find out from my daughter that Hookah Pens were all the rage among the high school crowd. If you are, like I was, among the uninitiated, this is a device of roughly cigarette proportions that contains a battery, a tiny vaporizer, something to vaporize […]

Development is about compromise

It was with some concern that I read Sunday’s op-ed piece titled “The Cannery deal is done, but what’s next for Davis?” I would like to comment on the five ideas put forward by the article’s authors. * “Define community priorities” How does one define community priorities when there is an extreme schism on various […]