Sunday, May 3, 2015

Is ‘almost’ good enough here?

Dear Annie: I’ve been dating my girlfriend for four years, and she’s almost perfect. She has only one flaw: She rarely drinks, but when she does, she becomes verbally abusive and physically destructive. The following morning, I always get blamed for her being so drunk and not stopping her, but every time I try to […]

Eyewitness to the ‘fall’ of Vietnam: It was not a bloodbath

* Editor’s note: Claudia Krich, a longtime Davis resident and retired teacher, attended a KVIE screening in Sacramento last week of the documentary “Last Days in Vietnam” and was moved to write this essay. The documentary rekindled memories of the unique experience she and her husband Keith Brinton shared there 40 years ago. From 1973 until […]

Do they know what they need to know?

Dear Annie: My youngest son is engaged to “Carol,” a lovely young lady. My oldest son, “Mitch,” lives out of state with his partner, “James.” Both are in the wedding party. Carol has known Mitch for years, is well aware that he’s gay and has no problem with it. However, I’m relatively sure her parents […]

Her behavior hurts everybody

Dear Annie: My son’s marriage broke up after 10 years. Twice they attended counseling because his wife wanted to see other men. The third time, she was actually dating another guy. He and “Mandy” share custody of their three children. Mandy had a troubled upbringing. Her mother neglected her, and she ended up in state […]

How to ask without asking

Dear Annie: My brother is 42 and getting married for the first time. His bride-to-be has been married before. My mom and I would like to give her a bridal shower, but it seems they have most of what they need. However, they don’t own their own home. How do we send out invites and […]

She knows their business

Dear Annie: I believe my sister’s husband, “Roy,” is having an affair. He and I have been flirting for several years, and we’ve had several occasions where we could have been together, but because of my sister, we never have. My sister’s marriage has been troubled for years. The two of them live together, but […]

Waking up to the awful truth

Dear Annie: Two years ago, I made a big mistake. I married a widower and agreed to move into his house in a large city that is a 30-minute drive from the small town I love living in. I now realize that I absolutely hate living in the city and, more importantly, living in the […]

It’s a depressing beat

Dear Annie: My husband died 11 years ago. Our son, “Marcus,” was 6 at the time. His dad was in intensive care for two months, and because of his young age, our son was not allowed to see his father. Before he died, my husband asked his younger brother to keep his drum set until […]

Too many questions remain

Dear Annie: Last week, our son came home from high school and told us that a boy at his school had killed himself. The boy had been a friend of his since the fifth grade. The school had a moment of silence over the public address system, but never mentioned the boy’s name. Most of […]

They’ve lost that lovin’ feeling

Dear Annie: I am a 59-year-old woman. Two years ago, I met this guy, “Jake,” and had feelings for him from a distance. We finally got together one night at a club. We exchanged phone numbers and then talked for about two months. Jake invited me to his place, and we made love. For the […]