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Target the true source of obesity

To believe that an added tax on sugar-loaded drinks will be the magic trick to the prevention of obesity is the same as expecting the pot at the end of the rainbow to be full of gold. The Davis City Council should use its time in a more effective manner. The food stamp program, CalFresh, […]

Let them eat code: the corporate battle that is killing Internet for the poor

By Jerri Ann Henry InsideSources.com If you haven’t been closely following the net neutrality wars, you may be surprised by the sudden uprising against “zero-rating” — the practice of mobile providers, ISPs or content sites to make specific applications or services available to users either for free or without counting against the user’s data cap. In […]

Froma Harrop: And the Oscar for the most stunning actress goes to …

We are here not to discuss the complex #OscarsSoWhite controversy but to address another sore point with perhaps similar origins: the #OscarsSoGorgeous phenomenon. At the risk of running afoul of some ardent fan clubs, let us note that the Academy Awards for best actress tend to favor the young and beautiful, often for playing the […]

Let there be light in Davis, please

These cold, dark, rainy nights make you want to stay inside where it is light and warm, but if you venture out in downtown Davis it really is dark. Head over to the Co-op on G Street and there are three lights burned out there. Two by FedEx and two more by the “future home of […]

Need a new best friend?

Starlet is a 2-year-old spayed female purebred English bull terrier, just like Spuds MacKenzie. She’s a tripod; she lost her front leg when she was thrown out the window of a moving car. But she’s as good on three legs as other dogs are on four. She’s sweet-tempered, exuberant in spirit and a joy to […]

A wagging tail sure can brighten a workday

If you share you life with a four-legged animal, going to work can be a traumatic time for both you and your pet. Will the cat test out her claws on the new couch? Will the dog leave a calling card to let you know you were late getting home to let him out? Some […]

Pets of the week

Lots of animals are waiting to be adopted at the Yolo County Animal Shelter, 2640 E. Gibson Road in Woodland. Among them is Gracie (No. 141419), a 4-month-old gray tabby cat. Also hoping for a good home is Chewbacca (No. 141405), a male Chihuahua mix. Fees are charged for licensing. The shelter is open from […]

Remember those who served

Dear Annie: Thank you once again for providing me the opportunity to reach out and thank our citizens for the care and support they provide to our veterans. Each year, Americans participate in the National Salute to Veteran Patients by visiting and volunteering at the Department of Veterans Affairs medical facilities and by sending letters […]

Would you go on a Disney cruise? Would I?

“We’re going on a Disney cruise,” I told friends who asked about my travel plans in January. I couldn’t see my own face when I said this, but I heard myself sigh or giggle nervously. Disney? Me? I couldn’t care less about Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and the rest of that crowd. I’ve never been […]

Poor Trump — he still can’t derail his crazy campaign train

You will recall that last week, I proposed that Donald Trump unleashed the Pandora’s box of nasty, half-witted gobbledygook we’ve all come to know and loathe as Sara Palin because this whole presidential campaign thing has gotten way out of control, and the last thing Trump actually wants is the weighty responsibility that comes with […]

Task force urges doctors to screen all adults for depression

WASHINGTON (AP) — All adults, including pregnant women and new mothers, should be screened for depression as a routine part of health care, a government advisory group recommended Tuesday. Depression is a common public health problem, and screening simply involves health workers asking about certain symptoms even if patients don’t mention them. The second part […]

Tied down by guilt

Dear Annie: When my father passed away, I moved in with my mother to help with her bills. Five years later, I’ve paid off her mortgage and continue to live with her and pay her utilities. I now have the opportunity to purchase my own home. At age 33, I feel I need my own […]

A building burns, and a town comes together

Small towns can do some things that larger towns like Davis cannot, a fact that was demonstrated to me last month. On Dec. 14, just after 3 p.m. my Coloma-Lotus listserv lit up with messages and minutes later, El Dorado County Watch posted photos on line. Units were being called to a fire, a big […]

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