Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A vote for big corporations

I am doing my best to sort out all the noise in this June’s Assembly race, simply by researching who is behind the PACs paying for all these mailers. Opportunity PAC is funded university faculty, teachers, school employees, nurses and firefighters. Those are the groups supporting Dan Wolk. Supporting Republican-turned-Democrat Bill Dodd is “Fair PAC,” […]

Vote for your future

If a year ago you had told me that this spring I would be engaging in heated debates about candidates’ intentions, party loyalty and the morality of smear campaigns I would have been certain the conversation would have been about the 2016 presidential election. That just goes to show I had no idea how important […]

Munn’s a fiscal watchdog

In all organizations, associations, councils and governments, there is an underlined concept: “Follow the money!” If all fails, check and recheck the way money is used by these entities. John Munn has spent hours, days, weeks, months researching many issues to reach a point that he feels is the right path to fiscal responsibility of […]

Politics and judges don’t mix

Why is a candidate for judge promoting the fact that he is supported by one political party? Shouldn’t we want judges who are nonpartisan? If he is elected, will he then ask you what your political affiliation is if you appear before him? Just as that is irrelevant, a candidate’s political affiliation should be irrelevant. We […]

Ortiz walks the talk

After assessing the two candidates for Yolo County superintendent of schools, I have come to my conclusion who could best serve our schools. In making my decision, the biggest factor that is clear is who is “committed” to Yolo County and who can develop the partnerships that would benefit our children. That person is Jesse […]

Just follow the money

Jesse Ortiz’s recently filed Form 460 discloses $25,000 in contributions from Sacramento developer Angelo Tsakopoulos and those connected to him — and another $20,000 from the Cache Creek Casino Resort. At least the casino is in Yolo County and possibly some county educational services are provided to students that members of the tribe care about. […]

Shouldn’t ballots be anonymous?

Fully risking sounding like a local crank, I have a question about the mail-in election ballot envelopes that were sent out. I finished my ballot in the nick of time so I don’t have to hand-deliver it this year, but I am puzzled by the outside of the envelope, where my name and address is […]