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Son still carries a grudge

Dear Annie: Twenty five years ago, my youngest son, then 18, quit the job he had had for four years. They had promised him an assistant manager job and when he turned 18, but did not follow through. After that, he would not look for a job or even help around the house. His dad […]

Hey pardner — there’s gold in them thar black cowboy hats

It came to my attention recently that a bit of a kerfuffle was simmering at the Winters Police Department, and my “column topic” antennae began quivering with joy. I’m all about the kerfuffle. The topic? Cowboy hats. Specifically, the patrol officers wanted to wear them, and management gave them the kibosh. Kerfuffle and kibosh! Oh, joy! […]

No more food fights — nurturing healthy eaters over a lifetime

By Ashley Sens, M.D. As a pediatrician, one of the most common things parents ask me is how they can get their son or daughter to eat healthier foods. So-called “food fights” are common for many families. It doesn’t have to be that way. Here are six simple tips for how to help encourage healthy […]

Happy to shut herself off

Dear Annie: I’m at my wits’ end with my wife of 30 years. I think she’s delusional. I am five years older than she is, but she insists that she looks older. She claims she is fat and ugly, so she no longer wants to go out with friends, go to a movie or out […]

Feeling left out now

Dear Annie: Six years ago, our son married a woman with a 4-year-old daughter. We immediately fell in love with this little girl. There is no biological father in the picture, and her maternal grandparents live out of state. We have always told her that we consider her to be our granddaughter, with everyone’s blessing. […]

Senior sister feels like scapegoat

Dear Annie: I’m a 70-year-old woman, respectable, attractive, well-educated, retired and totally self-sufficient. I owe no one anything and ask for nothing. The problem is my family. Although I have always treated them with kindness and respect, they are extremely disrespectful and spiteful to me. My narcissistic drama queen “victim” sister, who brags how “competitive” […]

Are We There Yet? Later starts, block days could be great for students

If you read The Enterprise with any regularity, you’ve likely noticed that the Davis school board is considering a plan to implement later start times for high school and junior high students. I have followed this issue with a lot of interest, in large part because my younger son, T, hates to get up in the […]

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UK unveils new drinking guidelines

LONDON (AP) — British health officials say drinking any alcohol regularly increases the risk of cancer, and have issued tough new guidelines that could be hard to swallow in a nation where having a pint is a hallowed tradition. In recommendations released Friday, Britain’s Chief Medical Officer advised both men and women not to drink […]

Life in the Slow Lane: Is a 4.0 GPA the new 3.0?

When did average become sub-par? In talking with clients, parents and friends, my unofficial research has led me to believe that kids who get “average” grades are feeling like they aren’t good enough. This is not new — those of us who grew up in Davis experienced this many years ago. However, it’s become worse, as […]

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Nurse honored for going above and beyond

She offered a helping hand, literally, when it was needed. Now, Monica Mapes, a registered nurse at the Family Birth Center at Dignity Health Woodland Memorial Hospital, has received one herself — the DAISY Award, given to extraordinary nurses. Mapes was nominated by her colleagues for going above and beyond to help a family facing the […]

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Cold shoulder, crying mom

Dear Annie: I realize that this is a common issue, but I could still use some advice. When my son first married, his wife was loving and involved with the family. When the babies were born, we continued a warm relationship. Now that their children are older, however, our daughter–in–law is cold and distant, and […]

Bowl roundup: Nevada nips Colorado State in Arizona

TUCSON, Ariz. — The inaugural Arizona Bowl was ridiculed for having two teams from the same conference, both with mediocre records. The stands had vast empty spaces. Many TV viewers were unsure where to find the game. It ended up being quite a show, particularly the closing flourish. James Butler scored on a 4-yard run […]

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