Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Planning and patience pay off in the kitchen

By Melissa Rayworth Another holiday season has passed, and with it the marathon cooking and baking sessions. The hours spent using every kitchen appliance and inch of counter space had a potential benefit more lasting than a good meal: When we really use our kitchens, we discover what does and doesn’t work in this very […]

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Sonata evolves into more sophisticated car

The Associated Press The Hyundai Sonata sedan, poised to set a new U.S. sales record this year, feels like a more premium car for 2015 and adds interior room, improved ride, more standard equipment and new, luxury-car features. Standard features on every Sonata now include light-emitting diode daytime running lights that were first popularized by […]

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A-Z: Downtown Davis is the place to celebrate

Downtown Davis is the place to be over the next week as the Davis Farmers Market celebrates its Fall Festival, the Central Park Gardens host an annual sale and information event, and Davis Downtown invites revelers of all ages to the downtown Treat Trail (trick-or-treating fun) and a Dia de los Muertos celebration on the E […]

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Chrysler’s mid-size sedan gets a makeover

The Associated Press Chrysler’s redesigned and re-engineered 2015 200 mid-size sedan is so stylish it looks pricier than it is. The sleek 200 also has a strong, 295-horsepower V-6, comfortable ride, surprisingly good handling and a lengthy list of available features. In fact, the 2015 200 can be fitted with light-emitting diode running lamps, like […]

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