Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Sunrise Rotary board of directors

2014-15 Davis Sunrise Rotary board of directors President: Chuck Cunningham President Elect: Gary Johns Immediate Past President: Susanne Rockwell Secretary: Mark Pratt Treasurer: Tom Read Sergeant-at-Arms: Rick Stromberg Communications and Public Relations: Richard McCapes Community Service: Vanessa Errecarte Youth Service: Susan Hawkins Director at large: Manny Carbahal Director at large: Dave W. Morse Director at […]

Sunrise Rotary: Who we are

Jeff Adamski Bob Agee Jim Belenis Dick Berry Dick Bourne Clay Brandow Jay Brookman Vic Bucher John Carbahal Manny Carbahal Rose Cholewinski David Copp Matthew Crider Tom Cross Chuck Cunningham Tim Deleiden Matt Dolcini Mark Drabkin Vanessa Errecarte Lucas Frerichs Shel Givens Larry Greene Jim Grieshop Bud Harmon Susan Hawkins Duncan Hay Dave Heard Gary […]

Help others, and make friends (there’s coffee, too)

Sunrise Rotary When: 7-8 a.m. Fridays Where: Odd Fellows Hall, 415 Second St., Davis Contact: Susanne Rockwell, sgrockwell@sbcglobal.net By Susanne Rockwell We are the bright-and-early club. Visit us and you’ll find 70-plus cheerful Rotarians who connect through a common goal of serving their community, locally and globally. And, of course, we offer coffee. This is […]

Visitors’ guide: What’s so great about Yolo County? Plenty!

Yolo County is tucked away between Lake Tahoe and San Francisco, but it is a world apart. A variety of experiences — pedaling along bike paths lined with lush greenery, strolling through parks, shopping in historic districts, and enjoying art walks, cultural events, and adventure sports, to name a few — the vibrant cities of […]

Dan Wolk is ready to lead

I wanted to write to you regarding my unwavering support for Dan Wolk’s bid for the state Assembly. Dan Wolk is an enthusiastic, driven candidate — exemplified by his good and thoughtful beliefs and hard work. As a Davis City Council member and Solano County attorney, Dan led efforts to make our long-term water supply […]

This teacher supports Krovoza

My husband has worked with Joe Krovoza at UC Davis for 10 years, and during that period I have gotten to know Joe quite well. As a longtime fourth-grade teacher, I am convinced that Joe would be a great advocate for our schools and our students. His mother was a teacher, and his daughter recently […]

Allen balances challenging budgets

Our city faces challenging budgets, just as our schools did up to a couple of years ago. Sheila Allen has proven experience in balancing challenging budgets. From 2008 to 2012 she and her colleagues balanced successive annual Davis school district budgets — with millions of dollars in reduced funds coming from the state — through a […]

How to help the homeless?

Robb Davis suggested a parcel tax to handle the growing homeless/transient population at the first City Council candidates debate. Please see the following report from The Davis Enterprise: “(Kemble) Pope asked Davis how he would address an increased homeless population in the city. Davis said the homeless population was once largely the business of Yolo County, […]

He left a good impression

Daniel Parrella knocked on my door some weeks ago and asked if he could leave one of his campaign brochures with me. I liked his enthusiasm and good manners. Later on, I contacted him to ask about his thoughts on public takeover from PG&E in Davis. He responded that the idea is “a fantasy.” He […]

Munn, please update your views

The Republican John Munn is running for City Council and has received unusual support from the left in this election. In an effort to determine Munn’s stands on various issues, I found Project Vote Smart online and would appreciate his updating his 2004 record for the voters. According to Project Vote Smart, “John Munn Jr. […]

Vote for Daniel Parrella

I’m tired of opportunists using the Davis City Council as nothing but a stepping stone to higher office. I’m tired of ex-school board members trying to use their name recognition to secure a City Council position, when we’ve seen nothing but scandals and horrible fiscal decisions coming out of that board. It’s time for a […]

Davis, Krovoza get my votes

I am supporting Robb Davis for City Council because of his thoughtful and open-minded approach to issues and his desire to become well-informed before making decisions. I observed Robb at several community forums over the years and was impressed with the articulate and compassionate way he described his views on various subjects. I may have […]

Cheers and Jeers: Overhaul is great first step

We offer our cheers and jeers for local newsmakers as we look back over the previous week: CHEERS to the Davis Board of Education for revamping the school district’s complaint process, which burst onto the public radar with a poorly handled volleyball coaching situation. “We want some ways to address issues before they blow up and […]