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Task force urges doctors to screen all adults for depression

WASHINGTON (AP) — All adults, including pregnant women and new mothers, should be screened for depression as a routine part of health care, a government advisory group recommended Tuesday. Depression is a common public health problem, and screening simply involves health workers asking about certain symptoms even if patients don’t mention them. The second part […]

Effort on to curb overuse of antibiotics

By Lauran Neergaard, AP medical writer WASHINGTON — It’s cold season, and the miserable continue to trudge in, seeking antibiotics because of mucus turned green, or a cough that has nagged for weeks. Despite years of warnings, doctors still overprescribe antibiotics for acute respiratory infections even though most are caused by viruses that those drugs […]

Making a safe procedure even safer

Simple refinements could reduce radiation risk from digital screening mammography SACRAMENTO — In a comprehensive modeling study, researchers from UC Davis and other institutions have found that breast cancer screening with digital mammography poses only a small risk of radiation-induced breast cancer for most women. However, the research showed increased risk for women with large […]

UK unveils new drinking guidelines

LONDON (AP) — British health officials say drinking any alcohol regularly increases the risk of cancer, and have issued tough new guidelines that could be hard to swallow in a nation where having a pint is a hallowed tradition. In recommendations released Friday, Britain’s Chief Medical Officer advised both men and women not to drink […]

Kids’ asthma rates quiet down after earlier increase

CHICAGO (AP) — Asthma rates in U.S. children have quieted down after a decades-long increase, a government study found, and researchers are trying to pinpoint reasons that would explain the trend. A possible plateau in childhood obesity rates and declines in air pollution are among factors that may have helped lower cases in kids, the […]

New advice on who qualifies for cholesterol-lowering statins

By Lauran Neergaard, AP medical writer Considering a cholesterol-lowering statin to prevent a heart attack? Deciding who’s a good candidate requires calculating more than a simple cholesterol level. A government task force says the popular medications will be of most benefit to some people ages 40 to 75 whose risk of cardiovascular disease over the […]

What is E. coli? What you and your family need to know

With the recent outbreak of E. coli at Chipotle restaurants and Costco stores, consumers might be wondering what exactly E. coli is, who is at risk and how to prevent an E. coli infection. Dean Blumberg, chief of pediatric infectious diseases at UC Davis Children’s Hospital, answers those questions and more. What is E. coli? […]

FDA clears cold cap to save hair during chemo

WASHINGTON (AP) — Hair loss is one of the most despised side effects of chemotherapy, and now breast cancer patients are getting a new way to try to save their locks. The Food and Drug Administration said Tuesday it would allow marketing of the DigniCap, a cooling system that chills patients’ scalps to reduce the […]

Scientists tackle gene editing’s ethics

WASHINGTON (AP) — A hot new tool to edit the human genetic code has a big wow factor: the promise of long-sought cures for intractable diseases. But depending on how it’s used, that same tool could also alter human heredity. The debate has brought hundreds of scientists and ethicists from 20 countries to a highly […]

Prostate-cancer screening down after new guidance

CHICAGO (AP) — Far fewer U.S. men are being diagnosed with early-stage prostate cancer and getting blood tests to detect the disease since an influential government-appointed panel recommended against routine screening of all men, an American Cancer Society study found. A big question remains: Did that shift have any effect on death rates from prostate […]

Lab-grown vocal cords offer hope of treating voice disorders

WASHINGTON (AP) — From mom’s comforting croon to a shout of warning, our voices are the main way we communicate and one we take for granted unless something goes wrong. Now researchers have grown human vocal cords in the laboratory that appear capable of producing sound — in hopes of one day helping people with […]

Obesity still rising among adults, women overtake men

NEW YORK (AP) — Obesity is still rising among American adults, despite more than a decade of public-awareness campaigns and other efforts to get people to watch their weight, and women have now overtaken men in the obese category, new government research shows. For the past several years, experts thought the nation’s alarming, decades-long rise […]

Calorie counts don’t make much difference

WASHINGTON (AP) — Tracking calories at chain restaurants is supposed to become easier next year, but new studies raise questions about whether the counts actually make a difference for diners and eateries. Some restaurants already post calorie counts. New York was first in the country to require it, and six years later researchers say seeing […]

Study: Racial gap in breast-cancer diagnoses has closed

NEW YORK (AP) — For decades, breast cancer has been less common in black women than white women, yet killed black women at a higher rate. One of those gaps has finally closed. Unfortunately for black women, it’s the first one. A new report suggests black and white women are now being diagnosed with breast […]

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