Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Good posture can make you feel better

By Sharon Naylor Creators.com Are you a slumper? Check your posture right now to see if your shoulders are rounded forward and your back curled. Chances are you’ve eased into your natural posture: slouched down, head in alignment with your spine, shoulders back, back not straight. And your brain may be paying the price. Researchers […]

Working out on the job

We all know about the 3 o’clock slump at the office. You’re feeling sluggish. But instead of reaching for candy or caffeine, how about doing yoga? Or going for a walk with your colleagues? More and more employers are looking for ways to keep their employees fit, healthy and yes, happy. “Exercise helps improve productivity […]

Study finds high cholesterol in preteens

There’s fresh evidence that a lot of young people could be headed for heart trouble. A large study of preteens in Texas found that about one-third of them had borderline or high cholesterol when tested during routine physical exams. The results seem to support recent guidelines that call for every child to have a cholesterol […]

Labor in tub OK but water births unproven

WASHINGTON (AP) — Sitting in a tub of warm water can relieve a mom-to-be’s pain during the early stages of labor, but actually giving birth under water has no proven benefit and may be risky, say recommendations for the nation’s obstetricians. There’s no count of how many babies in the U.S. are delivered in water, […]

Lead poisoning still common

By Jeff Ribordy, MD Lead poisoning has been a public health issue for centuries. During the Roman Empire, it was caused by lead in aqueducts, water pipes, and drinking vessels. In fact, the word plumber comes from “plumbum,” the Latin word for lead. The medical term for lead poisoning is plumbism. During the Middle Ages, lead […]

The myth of exercising on an empty stomach

By Sharon Naylor One of the questions exercisers often ask their trainers is: Should I exercise on a full or empty stomach? It’s a common misconception that exercising on an empty stomach means the fat you burn comes straight from your body’s stored fat deposits, as opposed to burning just the food in your stomach […]

Vacation exercise: Work out while on the road

By Sharon Naylor From zumba classes and personal yoga sessions on the beach to waking up an hour earlier to put in some time on the hotel fitness center’s treadmill or elliptical, vacationers are making exercise a part of their vacations. “Each one of those pina coladas I’m drinking on my beach chair has a […]

Why juice fasting is more than just a fad

By Aimee Kuvadia Joe Cross had a choice: Get healthy or die. “I’m 41. I’m fat. And I’m sick,” the Australian native humbly admits in his 2010 aptly named documentary, “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead.” “You don’t have to be Einstein to figure out what’s next.” For more than 20 years, Cross was the archetypal […]

Let your family know your final wishes

By David Crawford, M.D. No one likes to talk about death, especially one’s own. Most Americans say it is important to make sure their family is not burdened by having to make difficult end-of-life decisions on their behalf. But fewer than half have talked with their family about what they want done, and not done, […]

First guidelines issued to prevent stroke in women

Just as heart attack symptoms may differ between men and women, so do stroke risks. Now, the American Heart Association has issued its first guidelines for preventing strokes in women. They focus on birth control, pregnancy, depression and other risk factors that women face uniquely or more frequently than men do. The advice applies to […]

Cher, fitness and the decline of religion

By Jack Newcombe Cher. Seal. Madonna. Prince. Sting. Elvis. Adele. Mononymous entertainers permeate pop culture and have done so for decades. But there is a new one-named craze in town. In fact, there are a few. Pilates. Barre. Yoga. Indoor cycling. CrossFit. Even combining crazes does not produce the need for a second word: YAS […]

Wild ways to break free from junk food

By Marilynn Preston If I had my magic wand back — I was carrying it in the Halloween parade and it vanished — I would wave it and shazaam! all processed foods would disappear. It’s harsh, I know. I love my Sour Cream and Onion Ruffles as much as the next person. But the truth is processed foods […]

An ounce of nuts daily prolongs life and prevents disease

By Dr. David Lipschitz Nuts are generally considered bad choices for snacks because they’re so high in calories. It is why experts recommend avoiding cakes or desserts containing a high content of them, and why many of us keep them out of our diets. But in recent years, more and more information has been indicating […]

Being proactive promotes heart health

By Powell Jose, M.D. It should be no surprise to anyone that following a healthy diet and getting regular exercise are two things we doctors recommend to support heart health. While living a healthy lifestyle is certainly widely promoted, both within and outside the medical community, the fact remains that heart disease is the number […]