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Prostate-cancer screening down after new guidance

CHICAGO (AP) — Far fewer U.S. men are being diagnosed with early-stage prostate cancer and getting blood tests to detect the disease since an influential government-appointed panel recommended against routine screening of all men, an American Cancer Society study found. A big question remains: Did that shift have any effect on death rates from prostate […]

Obesity still rising among adults, women overtake men

NEW YORK (AP) — Obesity is still rising among American adults, despite more than a decade of public-awareness campaigns and other efforts to get people to watch their weight, and women have now overtaken men in the obese category, new government research shows. For the past several years, experts thought the nation’s alarming, decades-long rise […]

Calorie counts don’t make much difference

WASHINGTON (AP) — Tracking calories at chain restaurants is supposed to become easier next year, but new studies raise questions about whether the counts actually make a difference for diners and eateries. Some restaurants already post calorie counts. New York was first in the country to require it, and six years later researchers say seeing […]

Study: Racial gap in breast-cancer diagnoses has closed

NEW YORK (AP) — For decades, breast cancer has been less common in black women than white women, yet killed black women at a higher rate. One of those gaps has finally closed. Unfortunately for black women, it’s the first one. A new report suggests black and white women are now being diagnosed with breast […]

Your posture and your health

By Ahmad Soltani There is no one “best posture” for all people because the physical architecture of individuals differs according to the bony structure they inherit, but good posture has many values. First, you are often judged by your appearance — good posture commands attention. Secondly, it is an accepted psychological fact that good posture is associated […]

Gene editing: Research spurs debate over promise vs. ethics

WASHINGTON (AP) — The hottest tool in biology has scientists using words like “revolutionary” to describe the long-term potential: wiping out certain mosquitoes that carry malaria, treating genetic diseases like sickle-cell, preventing babies from inheriting a life-threatening disorder. It may sound like science fiction, but research into genome editing is booming. So is a debate about […]

Study: Gut bacteria may affect babies’ risk of asthma

By Lauran Neergaard, AP medical writer WASHINGTON (AP) — Gut checks suggest that not having enough of certain “good” intestinal germs early in life may increase babies’ risk of developing asthma, according to a new study of more than 300 children. Wait: What could gut bacteria have to do with a lung disease? We share our […]

Texts could lead to healthier hearts

CHICAGO (AP) — Txt msgs may b gud 4U. That’s the message in a study that suggests just four monthly text messages might spur health improvements for heart patients. The simple, heart-related advice led to substantial changes in blood pressure, cholesterol and physical activity levels, according to the results published in Tuesdays’ Journal of the […]

A new season, a new flu shot

WASHINGTON (AP) — Give flu vaccine another chance: This year’s version got a recipe change that should make it more effective after last winter’s misery from a nasty surprise strain of virus. Don’t let a fear of needles stop you. Beyond the traditional shots, the squeamish for the first time could try a needle-free injection, […]

Surgeon general calls for steps to promote healthy walking

WASHINGTON (AP) — Take a walk: That’s the U.S. surgeon general’s prescription for sedentary Americans — but communities will have to step up, too, and make neighborhoods easier and safer for foot traffic. Only half of adults and just over a quarter of high school students get the amount of physical activity recommended for good […]

CDC wants more vaccine data

NEW YORK (AP) — How many kids are vaccinated at your child’s school? Federal health officials think you should be able to easily find out. Last school year, only 21 states posted vaccination rates for individual schools, school districts, counties or areas of the state. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has been quietly […]

Scientists find how obesity gene works, a clue to treatment

Scientists have finally figured out how the key gene tied to obesity makes people fat, a major discovery that could open the door to an entirely new approach to the problem beyond diet and exercise. The work solves a big mystery: Since 2007, researchers have known that a gene called FTO was related to obesity, […]

Picky eating? It’s usually harmless … usually

By Lindsay Tanner, AP medical writer Parents of picky eaters take heart: New research suggests the problem is rarely worth fretting over, although in a small portion of kids it may signal emotional troubles that should be checked out. Preschool-aged children who are extremely selective about what they eat and dislike even being near certain […]

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