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‘Plastics problem’ is not my problem

Re: Pacific plastic gyre. More whoop-whoop from the left. Comrade John Clark’s unfading love for communal guilt trumps individual responsibility every time. “It does not matter if I can find plastic bags specifically from Davis in the gyre …” All that matters to him is that he can enhance his Gaia creds by dragging responsible people along on his […]

Next step for the homeless?

It is time for us to stop blaming the homeless for their addictions and mental illness. We need to take a long view to answer the question, after homelessness, what? Like many in the Davis community, my first contact with homelessness was the Interfaith Rotating Winter Shelter. In my role providing hospitality at intake over […]

No room for an organics cart

I’m writing this letter to oppose the new organics cart program that is being considered by the city. I live in a condominium and share garage space with one of my neighbors. We barely have room for the garbage carts we now have, let alone room for another one. Our condominium rules forbid us from storing […]

The ultimate ‘I love you’

By Rebecca Graulich What’s the cost of loneliness? For the heart, shattering. For the body, devastating. For society, enormous. Loneliness is that feeling we get when our social needs aren’t met. There is ample data linking loneliness to physical and psychological decline: anxiety, depression, decreased mental functioning, lost productivity, cardiovascular diseases, auto-immune diseases, and alcohol […]

Michelle Millet: Zero waste soon will be 25% easier in Davis

The city of Davis has a long history of taking progressive action when it comes to reducing our waste. We got our start in 1970 when Davis residents Richard Gertman and Barney and Margaret Hill formed the Recycling Awareness Committee of Davis. This group, whose actions began with the coordination of a newspaper recycling program […]

‘Mayor’s Corner': Business owners confirm that things are looking up

Our community budget for fiscal year 2015-16 was introduced on Tuesday. Among other things, the proposed budget shows a markedly improving financial picture, with healthy sales and property tax revenue. In fact, this is the first time in many years that the budget forecast has projected general fund revenues in excess of expenditures. In short, it […]

Just Us in Davis: Emerson peer helpers are rising

By Jann Murray-García Something extraordinary happens on the Emerson Junior High School/Da Vinci Academy campus each day during fourth period. Junior high school students gather in a classroom with physical education teacher Jennifer Terra and conspire to make their school community a welcoming and accepting place for each tween and teen in their midst. I […]

Are we there yet? Looks like Lilly Pulitzer is a fashion-don’t

Last week on CBS This Morning, I saw a story about the colorful offices of fashion brand Lilly Pulitzer. I had very little knowledge of the brand — I get the feeling it’s more for the “summering in the Hamptons” set — but I had recently been enamored of a TV commercial announcing Lilly Pulitzer’s […]

Edward Jones ties for top marks in investor satisfaction

Financial-services firm Edward Jones is tied with Fidelity Investments atop a J.D. Power survey of investor satisfaction. Results were announced last week. The study measures overall investor satisfaction with full-service investment firms based on seven factors: investment adviser, investment performance, account information, account offerings, commissions and fees, website and problem resolution. “We believe that our strong […]

I can fight like my ancestors on Twitter without getting so bloody

“So, why do you like Twitter so much?” a friend asked me recently, after I’d been both chuckling and concerned over the amount of time I’d spent that morning verbally dicing up some random numbskulls who deeply had it coming. I pondered that for a moment. What does Twitter have goin’ on that Facebook doesn’t? […]

She caught friend’s husband at bathhouse

Dear Annie: While traveling across town one afternoon, I got caught in traffic and decided to take a shortcut through a rather seedy part of our town. While stopped at a red light, I noticed my best friend’s husband entering a well-known gay bathhouse. He didn’t see me, but I also recognized his car and […]

Study peeks into healthy brains to hunt Alzheimer’s culprits

By Lauran Neergaard WASHINGTON (AP) — Sticky plaque gets the most attention, but now healthy seniors at risk of Alzheimer’s are letting scientists peek into their brains to see if another culprit is lurking. No one knows what actually causes Alzheimer’s, but the suspects are its two hallmarks — the gunky amyloid in those brain […]

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