Friday, October 31, 2014

Wall Street caps a wild month with a rally

NEW YORK (AP) — For stock investors, there was no shortage of drama in October. Stocks started the month modestly below a record high, only to cascade to their worst slump in two years. But after flirting with a correction, or a 10 percent drop, the U.S. market rebounded and closed at all-time highs on […]

Elect Schaupp to Assembly

On Election Day I urge you to vote for Charlie Schaupp for California Assembly. Charlie is a lifelong resident of Yolo County, long engaged in civic and governmental affairs. Our family has known Charlie for more than 20 years. We know him to be dedicated to learning the facts about the issues, a hard worker, careful […]

Poppenga: an obvious choice

I am proud of being a Davis resident due to its excellent school system led by a powerful education board. Therefore, school board elections are extremely important when it comes to leadership in our community and the education of our future. I believe a powerful board should be driven by members with great passions and full […]

Teachers: Archer, Nolan, Sunder

Members of the Davis Teachers Association met in the spring to discuss what attributes we felt were important for our school board. As an association, we decided to support candidates who will put students first, who will listen to the voices of the professionals who work closest students, and who will fight for a strong […]

Archer, Adams get our votes

We are writing to ask all those in the Davis Joint Unified School District who have not yet cast their ballot to go to the polls on Tuesday and join us in voting for Barbara Archer and Tom Adams to serve on the Davis school board. Both Barbara and Tom have demonstrated experience, expertise and […]

Archer, Sunder carry us on

As three members of our school board step down, they will take with them years of experience and professionalism that have kept our top-notch schools running — big shoes for any candidate in this year’s school board election to fill. Luckily for us, there are two candidates guaranteed to help bridge that gap. One is Barbara Archer. […]

Sunder has the dedication

One of the reasons many of us love Davis and move to Davis is the quality of the schools. We are fortunate to have a school system with active parents and teachers. My son is a third-grader at César Chávez and he loves his school and his teachers. However, we all know that California faces […]

Independent voice for all kids

Bob Poppenga is a perfect choice for Davis schools and children. He brings a wealth of practical classroom and teaching experience to the table as a longtime university educator and is committed to spending time at schools and in classrooms observing, listening and being accessible to teachers, parents and students. Perhaps most importantly, Bob is […]

She listens, gives of her time

A little over three years ago my family and I moved into a home near Barbara Archer and her family. It is always hard transitioning into a new community, but Barbara truly made it easier for us. Any time she was asked, Barbara was always there for me with answers to my questions about schools […]

Sunder thunder on the board

Unlike others who have written in to praise Madhavi Sunder, I have not known her for years. In fact, I met her only at the beginning of the current campaign season, when she appeared at my door with two children to introduce herself to him me in her campaign to become a member of the […]

Archer plays well with others

I will be voting for Barbara Archer for the Davis school board. I first met Barbara when she volunteered to work every week in her oldest son’s kindergarten class at Willett Elementary School. Over the next 10 years, I watched as she volunteered for activity after activity: PTA, PTA president, Site Council and the Measure […]

Fresh voice with fresh ideas

I am voting for Bob Poppenga because he is the type of school board trustee our school district needs. I met Bob when our children became classmates starting about four years ago. Ever since I have known him, he has been concerned about how to provide a better quality of education for all students in Davis. I would often […]

You can trust Archer implicitly

Please join me in supporting Barbara Archer for school board. After years of working collaboratively on school-related projects, Barbara and I joined forces to co-chair the Measure C parcel tax. This endeavor formed not only a close working relationship, but a friendship that I cherish to this day. While Barbara and I were PTA presidents […]

Unique and needed expertise

I am writing to encourage everyone planning to vote Tuesday to mark Tom Adams’ name on their ballot for school board. My support for Tom is based in part on his demonstrated commitment to doing the hard work of supporting education for all children. He has been part of school site councils for nine years: seven at […]