Friday, April 18, 2014

Take ownership of your health

Dear Annie: I would like to comment on Gail Rae-Garwood’s letter about kidney disease. I retired in 2010, and like a lot of retirees, I was complacent about my health. I had been taking insulin for my diabetes for 20 years and had high cholesterol and elevated blood pressure. I finally went in for my […]

Hub webpage is seeing traffic increasing

The number of views to The Hub’s website,, already has risen, increasing on average from 43 daily views in 2010 to 315 in 2014. The Hub staff also is on the rise, with record-breaking enrollment of 43 students in The Hub class, and 55 in Journalism 1.

Road diet? No, city diet!

The structural tax base of the city of Davis is years in the making. Past plans to limit commercial growth and expanded retail options force Davisites to do most of their purchasing out of the city. While allowing Target to open after a decade of debate has brought some purchasing back to the city, it […]

Our Sunday Best — A Hub of activity: DHS newspaper evolves with technology

Some say that journalism is a dying art, but The Hub newspaper at Davis High School has found a way to keep up with ever-changing trends through its website, “Both products (the newspaper and website) have equal status and distinct missions,” said DHS teacher Kelly Wilkerson, The Hub’s adviser. “The mission of the website […]

Striving for zero waste: Beyond the bring-your-own-bag habit

One of the first steps my family took when attempting to reduce the amount of waste we generate is bringing our own bags when going grocery shopping. My husband does the bulk of the shopping on the weekend and has consistently been bringing usable bags on these trips for the past few years. My shopping […]

Bill is an affront to UC Davis ag biotech and local farmers

By Kent Bradford As a scientist who has dedicated my entire career to agricultural biotechnology and plant science, I am deeply concerned about Senate Bill 1381, which is winding its way through the California Legislature and is scheduled to be heard in the Senate Agriculture Committee on Thursday. The bill, which mandates a de facto […]

Don’t want to sit in Fix 50 traffic? Consider alternatives

By Lucas Frerichs As some of you may know, there is an important construction project Caltrans is about to undertake in Sacramento, called the Fix 50 project. If you go to you will find background information on the project. What this means is that between Tuesday, April 22, and Wednesday, June 25 (with a […]

10 recreation lakes that can survive a drought

By Tom Stienstra On a trip through California’s Gold Country last month, we drove over the dam at Lake Tulloch near Sonora, and like most, had a provocative response: Look at all that water! Tulloch, as are a few recreation lakes across Northern California, is kept full or close to it year-round, even when other […]

Core values on campus

The issue: When the heat is on, colleges’ first priority is comfortable silence In the big picture, honorary degrees — the participation trophies of the academic world — are not worth getting worked up over. They usually represent a chance for the school to give out a nice certificate to a commencement speaker, in exchange […]

Keep children safe when traveling

Parents traveling overseas with children should know health risks and how to avoid them. An estimated 1.9 million American children travel internationally each year, and the number is increasing. In general, children face most of the same health risks as their parents, but the consequences can be more serious. Some conditions can be difficult to […]

University Honda wins another President’s Award

University Honda in Davis once again has received the President’s Award, given by American Honda Motor Co. to its top-ranking dealerships across the country. Dealers are selected for the honor based on their achievement of excellence in all areas of operation — customer service and satisfaction, sales, training and facility operation for the prior calendar […]

What do you think? What’s the best thing you’ve found in a plastic egg?

Anthony Plascenaa firefighter, Vacaville: “Candy. I love candy.” Jacob Bishop bus boy, Winchester, Va.: “Money. A couple of dollars.” Doris Wong student, Davis: “Candy, little brown chocolates.” Cassie Slack student, Davis: “Probably candy, that’s pretty good.” Molly Aikawa student, Davis: “Probably candy.” Nicholas Pasquale teacher, Davis: “Another Easter egg.” Asked in downtown Davis Compiled by […]

Keep your baby safe

By Jeff Ribordy, MD So you just brought home that new baby from the dealership with that new-baby smell. Now what? You are responsible for him or her for the next 18 years or beyond. How do you keep your child safe? For younger infants who do not move around much, it is pretty simple. […]